Xiaomi Mi Max bends: new bendgate?

Xiaomi Mi Mix Bend 1

The question of the bendgate will surely not be forgotten by lovers of the world of technology.

As many of you will know, the story took place in the weeks following the presentation of theApple iPhone 6 and worried not a few owners of the device of the Cupertino house. In fact, many of the first owners had to do with a device that was in danger of bend if put simply in the pockets.

The same fear is posting at this time the owners of Xiaomi Mi Max, who may suffer from the same problem.

Xiaomi Mi Max: a new bendgate?

During the last hours, several images have begun to circulate on all the social networks, Chinese and not, that portray a Xiaomi Mi Max "anomalous".


As you can see, in fact, the aluminum frame of the terminal object of the photo would have taken one sinusoidal shape, also deforming the front surface e the back one. However, what turns out to be even stranger is that the screen of this Xiaomi Mi Max is absolutely intact e working.


At the moment there is no absolute certainty of the causes that could have led to this Xiaomi Mi Max to take on this strange conformation nor how many are actually the terminals who have had this problem.

Moreover, in the current state of affairs, not even the Chinese company has expressed itself on this issue related to Xiaomi Mi Max, a terminal that has been very successful especially in the motherland, a sign that this should not concern a large number of specimens. Obviously, we will not fail to update you in case there is an evolution of the situation or some statement from the same parent company.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Bend 3

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