During IFA 2016, on the occasion of the official presentation of the Universal Z11 on the European market, we have had the opportunity to to interview il General Manager about the company's future development plans. On the occasion of the announcement of the new flagship, the officialinput of the company on Italian market, more reason to have a more in-depth contact with the top management.


Nubia: interview with the General Manager on company plans

Below we propose the video and the text of the interview:

Giz: Before starting we would like to introduce our blog. We are GizChina.it, the main blog in Italy focused on Chinese telephony, we are part of a network and we are experiencing a phase of strong growth. The first question is: what is the target of Nubia?

Nubia: This interview is a good opportunity for us to make ourselves known. I believe the target of users of Nubia is a user selected mainly by young people with broad views who can appreciate theHigh technologywho need aoptimal use experience and wish to experiment with them latest innovations. This is the kind of people we target.

Giz: We can explain the philosophy behind the slogan "Be Yourself"? What do these two words mean for Nubia?

Nubia: Our brand philosophy "Be Yourself" it means encouraging people in the
pursue the kind of life they desire. We think the imagination is limitless
therefore we wish to encourage people to follow their boundless imagination.
This is the concept of for us "Be Yourself".

Giz: In Europe we have seen that many mobile phone brands are growing rapidly: which of these do you see as your direct competitors?

Nubia: Under the sign main challenge it's against ourselves. We try to reach always
new technological standards through innovation for exceed our limits.

Giz: Relating to this topic, I would like to ask another question. We noticed how Huawei have made intense campaigns of marketing, especially in Italy, with the important partnership of Leica. How Nubia do you plan to invest in marketing?
Like some of your competitors or do you have other strategies in mind to make the brand known?
Can you share some thoughts about it?

Nubia: We always try not to compare ourselves to our competitors, even in the marketing field. We can tell you that we have chosen Cristiano Ronaldo as our testimonial, because he is the greatest footballer in the world, with a strong personality, and in our opinion he best represents the concept of "Dream Without Boundaries".

Giz: We have seen that in China, during presales, Z11 immediately registered a sold outBased on this excellent result, what are yours expectations for the launch of the Z11 in Italy?

Nubia: I USEFULL currently they are not our priority, we simply want to guarantee consumers one better choice. Surely the success of the Chinese market shows that high technology and good user experience are always in the hearts of users. This is why we hope for the same pre-sales success also on the Italian market. We do not expect high volumes immediately like in China but we want users to be able to appreciate the user experience offered by our devices.

Giz: Based on the presentation of the Z11, we have seen how there are many very innovative proprietary technologies inside the device, but the design is also very important. What role does the aesthetic aspect play in the design phase?

Nubia: We always try to use the more recent technologies e forefront to offer both innovation and design, but also an excellent user experience, such as the side gestures along the edge of the . This means aiming for a state of the art global user experience.

Giz: For this we could say beautiful inside and beautiful outside?

Nubia: Yes exactly!

Giz: I think that's all, we want to thank you for your availability and I hope that in the future we will have other opportunities to talk about Nubia and that your company can grow
also within the Italian market.

Nubia: We too appreciated this meeting, and we would also like to add that, in addition to the current availability of our terminals in Italy, our expansion plans abroad also include entry into other markets.

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