The replacement display of the Xiaomi Mi MIX could cost more than 185 euros

The new edgeless smartphone presented a few days ago, the Xiaomi We MIX, is a cutting-edge product, futuristic and really fascinating. Its design, almost without three edges, really leaves everyone astonished by the fact that from the point of usability we have seen that there is still work to be done to make this smartphone practical to use in everyday life.

Today, however, rumors have emerged on the possible prices of some spare parts of the phablet and, it seems, the replacement display could cost more than 185 €.


A very high cost

The Indian portal "Phone Radar" had the first disgrace to find itself with the display of the new broken Xiaomi smartphone. In fact, during the tests for their review, the phablet fell and damaged itself irredeemably.

Looking for a replacement display for the phone, whose parts are still very difficult to find, the members of the site came across a Chinese retailer of spare parts for smartphones who had already listed all the spare parts of the Xiaomi Mi MIX including the display, at the exorbitant price of 1350 yuan, at the exchange poco more than 185 €.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 1 display priceTo support the hypothesis that this price could really be the official one, it is the initiative that launched Xiaomi. In fact, the Chinese company must have realized that proposing a spare at a price that could turn up the nose to more than one buyer, so for its Chinese users, the only country where it is officially on sale the smartphone, has proposed insurance for accidental damage (on the model of an Apple Care) which, at the price of 249 yuan a year (about 35 euro), offers free repairs in case of breakage of the display or damage from liquids. This insurance is also valid for the other current top of the Xiaomi range, the Mi Note 2.

Probably many users will have opted for this insurance, given the modest cost compared to the type of guarantee it provides. Also because the Xiaomi Mi MIX is definitely a smartphone more sensitive to breakage of the display since, despite the ceramic body, has the display uncovered on three sides.

A probable "Nano" version coming soon

Waiting for the resellers to provide official spare parts so you can see if the prices for this smartphone really are so high, some days there are rumors of the arrival of a version "Nano" of the smartphone, with a display reduced to "only" 5.5 inches. A version that looks very much awaited by users, given that the current version is, yes, without borders but with a display from 6.4 inches however, it remains uncomfortable to handle with a single hand.

We leave you with the our hands-on of Xiaomi Mi MIX, awaiting future rumors and news.