Remember the LeEco Le 2? To the excellent endowment that this smartphone offered, add a processor Qualcomm, support to 20 LTE band, a pack with European accessories and you will get the The 2 International. Many points in common with the Asian version but, at the same time, important and important the upgrade for this International version.

Are not you convinced yet? Well, I invite you to follow me in our full review of this smartphone that has all the credentials to be considered a best-buy.

LeEco The 2 International is available on TopResellerStore a 199 euros.

LeEco Le 2, the full review of

LeEco The 2 International

LeEco Le 2 International - Sales package

LeEco The 2 International

Very elegant the packaging of this The 2 Int.; made of black cardboard, inside the sales box of LeEco Le 2 Int. we can find:

  • LeEco Le 2 International;
  • quick charger, with European socket, USB input and 12V 2A output;
  • USB data cable - Type C;
  • quick manuals;
  • pin for removing the SIM;
  • Type-C - Aux adapter.

LeEco Le 2 International - Design and materials

LeEco The 2 International

No differences in terms of design and materials used in this LeEco Le 2 Int. compared to the Asian variant. The color is very pleasant, halfway between silver and dark gray.

The body, of type u, is entirely made of aluminum, with impeccable finishes from every point of view; the materials present are of first quality and the coloring in our possession is sober and very elegant.

Present, above and below the back cover, two bands in polycarbonate, optimally connected to the aluminum body, to ensure better reception at the antennas.

The rear camera is raised by a few mm compared to the body, poco below is the biometric scanner, which is slightly encased in the back cover and has a design a mirror which, unfortunately, tends to get dirty very easily (keeping impressions imprinted when we use it to unlock it).

LeEco The 2 International

Starting from the analysis on the left side, we find the cart able to accommodate the top the two cards SIMs. format dwarf.

LeEco The 2 International

Moving on the right, here, instead, LeEco has inserted the rocker for volume adjustment as well as the power button.

LeEco The 2 International

At the bottom, on the left, we find the microphone, the connector USB Type-C and the speaker.

LeEco The 2 International

At the top, however, we find the only one infrared port; as is well known, there is no entry for the mini-jack da 3.5 mm for the headphones, but you can continue to use them through a small adapter that is supplied, which transforms the door USB Type-C in an Aux input.

LeEco The 2 International

On the lower side, we find the home, back and multitasking keys. At the top there is the capsule, the brightness and proximity sensors and the front camera with sensor 8 mega-pixels.

LeEco Le 2 International - Display

LeEco The 2 International

LeEco Le 2 Int. is equipped with a display from 5.5 inches with resolution, of course, Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels, on a type panel LCD with pixel density equal to 401 PPI.

In everyday use, as well as for its Asian brother, the display did not disappoint us; the color calibration is very good and the viewing angles are excellent. There are also various "presets" in the settings that allow you to change the parameters relating to the color temperature.

Rather unsightly le black bands around the display, about 3 mm thick on each side, which penalize the front design of the device. Really good, however, the work of the brightness sensor, able to always adapt correctly to the various situations of ambient light. Too bad for the reflectivity of the display; discreet, although not excellent, the oleophobic treatment of the glass to protect the display.

LeEco Le 2 International - Internal memory

Il LeEco Le 2 Int. is equipped with an internal memory equal to 32 GB. Not all the Chinese applications present on the Asian model are installed in this version, resulting in greater cleanliness in terms of ROM.

However, with regard to internal memory, there is no possibility of expansion. The trolley, located on the left side of the device, allows only the housing of the two SIM cards in Nano format.

LeEco Le 2 International - Hardware and Performance

Under the hardware profile the first most interesting news. In place of the processor MediaTek Helio X20, we find under the hood an excellent and performing CPU of Qualcomm.

In fact, the LeEco Le 2 Int. adopt an SoC octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 652, made with a production process a 28 nm and equipped with 4 x 1.8GHz Cortex-A72 + 4 x 1.4GHz Cortex-A53, assisted by 3 GB of RAM memory of type LPPDR to 933MHz and one Adreno GPU 510 with maximum clock a 550 MHz.

Although the SoC Mediatek has achieved excellent results on the Asian variant, needless to say that this Snapdragon 652, in terms of fluidity and performance, it is really at the top. Never a lag and no imputation, even with many applications open in the background the device is always fluid, a symptom of a good optimization of the software on board.

LeEco The 2 International

Even when reopening open applications in multitasking, content rendering is really immediate, which guarantees a truly satisfying user experience. Even during the gaming phases, with Real Racing 3, the performances were excellent, in the medium-high range; alti the fps with graphic details at most, moreover the device does not heat up, even with a rather prolonged use.

LeEco The 2 International

Good also the web browsing: websites are quick to open and pages can be explored without difficulty. Default browser present VPN extensions for Google Chrome, without a doubt the best choice for internet browsing. The reproduction of the videos, then, fully satisfies; all the samples we used for the tests were reproduced without problems, including the file in 4K MP4.

LeEco The 2 International

Below is a gallery on i benchmarking carried out on LeEco The 2 International.

LeEco Le 2 International - Performance

LeEco Le 2 International - Audio

Present a mono speaker, placed at the bottom next to the connector USB Type-C, the sound quality reproduced by LeEco Le 2 Int. it's definitely good; the volume is high enough to be able to warn of the arrival of any notifications even in chaotic environments, as well as for the use of all multimedia contents.

LeEco The 2 International

Furthermore, sound equalization is good and with i sample audio used we have noticed how highs and lows are reproduced with extreme balance. Excellent quality with the use of earphones, especially thanks to the optimizations guaranteed by the Dolby Atmos and from audio technology in lossless quality CDLA guaranteed by the connector Type-C.

LeEco Le 2 International - Connectivity

Sul connectivity compartment il LeEco Le 2 Int. it has proved to be a good smartphone, with an always excellent reception and a really remarkable hooking speed to the network.

In this variant International, the big news, in terms of connectivity, lies in supporting the 20 LTE band. This, undoubtedly, represents a plus not to be underestimated, especially for customers wind. Present, as mentioned above, a double slot that allows you to stay two SIMs format Nano.

LeEco The 2 International

For Wi-Fi, Bluetooth e GPS, on the other hand, there are no critical issues, so we have no notes to make about it.

LeEco Le 2 International - Camera

LeEco The 2 International

LeEco Le 2 Int. comes with a sensor OmniVision OV16880 da 16 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.0, focus PDAF and optical image stabilizer (OIS) for the rear camera, while a sensor is present at the front OminiVision 8865 da Mega-pixel 8 and f / 2.2 aperture.

Good camera application, both in use and in the amount of available settings; in the interface there are many options for taking pictures, either manually or in automatic mode.

Under the profile qualitativo the camera of the LeEco Le 2 Int. we liked enough, not excellent results obtained in low light conditions, which however are absolutely acceptable, especially compared to the price range. Good results in daylight conditions, where in particular we found the macro really beautiful and detailed motorcycles.

Present the ability to record up to the maximum resolution 4K a 30 fps. Discrete the videos: sometimes the focus is slow, in the transition from one subject to another or in the change of scenarios taken. The presence, on a device of this price range, of the optical stabilization that does not excel but appreciably is more effective than digital stabilization.

LeEco The 2 International - FullHD 1080p video test

LeEco The 2 International - 4K video test

LeEco Le 2 International - Autonomy

An aspect that has certainly improved considerably thanks to the adoption of Snapdragon 652 it is autonomy. The capacity of the battery is unchanged 3000 mAh that, with a mild use of the connection LTE 4G, he guaranteed me 7 hours di active screen.

Without this premise, I covered without any kind of problem a stressful day with about 4 half hour active screen, a completely satisfactory result. Also, I remind you that the device is equipped with a fast charging system Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, guaranteed thanks also to the battery charger with output up to 12V 2A included in the package.

Precisely because of this technology, I found that already in 15 / 20 minutes you can reach the 30% of charge. The charge operation Assessment it is carried out in approx 1 20 hours and minutes, though, already afterwards 1 hours the 90% of charge.

LeEco Le 2 International - Software

At the software level, LeEco Le 2 Int. shows up with the usual EUI that, compared to the last generation has not changed absolutely, if not for the Android base that passes by Lollipop a marshmallow. The software of this International version, in terms of menus and functionality of the ROM, does not differ much from the Asian one.

The advantages of this version are to be attributed to the presence of the Google services installed by default, the presence of the Italian language and the absence of Chinese applications, useless for our market. It is important to point out that the software used for this version does not theoretically foresee the OTA.

LeEco The 2 International

This situation can easily be circumvented. The LeEco Le 2 Int., Alias X527, is nothing but a variant of the known X520. I have personally unlocked bootloader and installed the ROM di BB72, which works excellently and guarantees the OTA.

In view of this, I think it is right to raise awareness in the community to support the work of these developers who contribute, and not poco, to make smartphones intended specifically for the Asian market, also usable in our country.

LeEco Le 2 International - Photo Gallery

LeEco Le 2 International - Full review - Videos

LeEco Le 2 International - Final considerations

If you had been held back in the past to purchase this the 2 because of the lack of the 20 LTE band, for the SoC MediaTek or for the lack of Google services, now you have no more excuses. For the price range in which it is placed, this The 2 International It really offers a lot: high build quality, telephone and audio level.

Discrete also the photographic sector, even more if intended for social use. Finally, as you have seen in the software section, this X527 (code name of the The 2 Int.), can without any problem install the ROM of BB72, a plus does not give poco, taking advantage of the updates OTA absent in ROM installed by default.

LeEco The 2 International can be purchased on TopResellerStore a 199 euros.