Huawei: new details emerge on the company's concept phone

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Not long ago the well-known Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang he revealed that Huawei he would be working on a new concept phone, with a display on board Samsung, curved on all sides. The same source has also revealed that this terminal should arrive at December.

New details leaked on Weibo continue to specify that Huawei's concept phone could be launched on 16 December. According to the social network insider, the Huawei Concept it will not only be a new product but will also belong to a new range of products with future-oriented features.

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Huawei: here is new information on the concept phone!

The leaker attributed a high degree of authenticity to the information reported on the new Chinese company terminal from Pan Jiutang in his post. Another user of Weibo confirmed the existence of a concept phone of the Asian manufacturer, also revealing that the screen and the overall design would be two of the main strengths of the new phone.

Pan Jiutang had already mentioned that Huawei could use one curved screen on all four sides, marked Samsung, on your device, but of course we will have to wait a little 'before knowing exactly what it is.

huawei concept

Some users have decided to dig deep into the archives, bringing to light a patent filed last year on a concept equipped with a curved display on the front and a rounded arched design on the back that aligns symmetrically to the front glass.

The mysterious device may adopt external devices

The device in the picture bears some resemblance to the design adopted by Samsung on its smartphones Galaxy Edge but with some features missing. Taking a closer look at the render, it is possible to notice that the concept phone does not have a camera, a fingerprint sensor, of capacitive keys, of speakers and of any other physical characteristic present on today's telephones.

Obviously, there will be an explanation for all this; indeed, internal sources they revealed that Huawei's concept would be equipped with one series of peripherals like earphones, cameras and so on implement externally. The same sources have reported, finally, that the Chinese company could only produce the telephone and entrust the development of the external devices to third-party companies.

huawei concept

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