Divoom Aurabox 4.0, the speaker with integrated LED display, on offer

Interesting and nice offer, what we offer today. On Amazon the portable speaker is sold at a very low price Divoom Aurabox 4.0, a square-shaped Bluetooth speaker that integrates a large LED display.

Divoom Aurabox 4.0 offer Amazon 1

"Graphic" speaker

The cashier passes on Amazon from 79,20 € a 44,50 €, with a savings of well 34,70 euro. Let's see, however, what makes this speaker special.

Despite the dimensions are not excessive and the weight is contained, the box allows to have a good sound power (5W) but to accompany the music is the LED panel, an array of 100 LEDs arranged in a square that allows you to show animations and images on the speaker during music playback.

The cash can also show notifications for some applications, so as to alert us if the phone is connected via Bluetooth with the casing itself and also the images and animations it displays are customizable!

Take advantage of the offer if you are interested in this fun and unique gadget.

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