You will probably remember the our review the Chuwi Hi10, Tablet Windows Low cost. Today we analyze the Chuwi Hi10 Pro, different in terms of design, always maintaining a good technical equipment in relation to the selling price. But that's not all, why Chuwi Hi10 Pro boasts the software flexibility of the Dual OS, with on board both Windows that Remix OS.

Il Chuwi Hi10 Pro It is available at a price of 143.88 € from China to the store Gearbest thanks to the discount code "chuwipIT", While the official keyboard can be found at 33.91 €, at the same online store.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

Chuwi Hi10 Pro | The review of

Chuwi Hi10 Pro - Unboxing

La sales package It is made of rigid recycled cardboard, similar to what has already been seen for its predecessor. On it we find only some information on the technical specifications, the model name and the manufacturer, both on the front and back.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

The internal equipment is as follows:

  • Chuwi Hi10 Pro;
  • charger with EU socket da 5V 3A;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • documents related to the guarantee.

Not included in the package keyboard / dock / cover, to be purchased separately.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

Chuwi Hi10 Pro - Design, materials and construction

Il Chuwi Hi10 Pro It is noted for the quality of materials used. We find a shell made entirely of aluminum. Very good la construction of the device, which held in hand gives a pleasant feeling of solidity.

Le frames on the sides of the display are of medium thickness, while one is present obvious distance from glass of coverage the display it's the same. The impact results not very pleasant to the eye, being a feature on the cheapest tablet on the market.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

The logo is centrally located in the back area Hold on and below the mark of Intel, followed by some information about the manufacturer. Finally, in the upper part we find the rear camera from 2 mega-pixels.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

On the front we find the display and, on the right side, the soft-touch button Windows, while at the top we find the front camera also from 2 mega-pixels, And a Monochromatic LED which reports the status of carica and lights up when the device is turned on.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

On the upper profile we find only the rocker for volume adjustment and the Power button, both placed towards the left end.

Below is the magnetic connector for the official keyboard accompanied by two additional holes.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

Along the left profile, however, we find all the ports and connectors of the tablet: starting from the top, we find the connector mini-jack from 3.5 millimeters, a video output micro-HDMI, a door micro-USB, a door USB Type-C and finally the micro SD slot.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

From the qualitative point of view we talk about a good product which will allow it to be pleasant design, thanks also to the size of 261.8 x 167.3 x 8.5 mm and to the contained weight, seeing that we speak of only 562 grams. Only defect, if I can we can call it, the frames along the display that could be more contained, improving the design, however pleasant.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro - Display

The installed panel is of type IPS with a diagonal of 10.1 inches format 16:10 and has a resolution WUXGA di 1920 1200 pixels x, able to guarantee a good definition. Discreet la brightness, though due tohigh reflectivity e little oleophobicity of the covering glass, it is less appreciable to use various kinds of outdoor contents, in particular in direct sunlight.

Excellentinstead, the color rendering, being a panel IPS which reproduces in a fairly faithful way all the colors of the chromatic range. Very good the viewing angles, and precise, also, the touch screen a 10 simultaneous touches.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro - Hardware

As well as its predecessor, this Hold on Hi10 Pro adopts the now classic processor Intel Atom Cherry Trail X5 Z8300, characterized by four cores X86 supported by 2MB of cache and made with a production process a 14 nanometers.

The base operating frequency is of 1.44 GHz, but is able to get up to 1.84 GHz on one of the four cores. There GPU integrated is theIntel HD Graphics of eighth generation and can count on 12 calculation unit operating at a frequency between i 200 and the 500 MHz.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

Support for ai 64-bit and to DirectX 11.2. The installed memory is of type eMMC and has a capacity of 64 GB, expandable through microSD, while RAM amounts to 4 GB L single channel up to 1600 MHz.

Following the hardware just listed we found some good basic performance. In fact, this tablet will be able to perform light workloads and not particularly demanding in absolute fluidity. Objectively, this results in a user experience that is certainly pleasant during everyday use.

During the web browsing, the pages are rendered in a manner discreet even with heavy and demanding sites, indicating that the platform is well balanced despite thehigh efficiency in terms of best before date e temperature.

Also consumption they always remain very content, especially about the processor adopted that provides a production process a 14 nanometers.
Good le speed in reading and writing was originally the the memory installed, which proved to be slightly above average.
Chuwi Hi10 Pro

On the tested device are present 4 GB of RAM, absolutely essential for fluid use. This turns out to be of vital importance during the more pushed multi-tasking, but also when using browsers such as Google Chrome that subtract numerous resources while browsing the web. We are however caught up in some lag o slight impaction only in situations of strong stress under the profile of the workloads.

As specified in the hardware description on board this tablet, there is one Intel GPU di eighth generation able to guarantee some good performance, especially in the field Gaming, thanks to 12 calculation unit operating at a frequency between i 200 and of 500 MHz.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

Discreet la gameplay even with challenging games like Real Racing 3. Personally I found one good fluidity, not at the levels of GPU top of the range, but certainly pleasant and absolutely promoted.

We can conclude that, also considered the band di price of this device, the behavior in multitasking e Gaming it really allows one good use of the product.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro - Autonomy and connectivity

The battery installed by 6500 mAh combined with the less energetic processor can guarantee one good autonomy, variable depending on the workload and therefore the type of use.

Using the product as a netbook, or doing web browsing and light editing of papersI managed to get around 6 hours and a half of autonomy with brightness set at 50%, while with more demanding workloads, such as the vision of streaming video, Gaming o editing of full-bodied documents, autonomy will fall on 5 half past hours. Using the device with brightness at a minimum for the reading PDF I arrived at almost eight hours of autonomy.

The device is equipped with only connectivity Wi-Fi b / g / n, which boasts one average reception and enough stable. Present the Bluetooth 4.0 and an exit micro-HDMI for connecting the device to external schemes. There are no full-format ports on the device, but only on the sides of the keyboard, optional, sold separately.

It is not possible to estimate it AC standard, a modem for connectivity 3G / 4G, GPS Compass and the Radio FM

Chuwi Hi10 Pro - Multimedia

There are two cameras installed, both from XMUMX mega-pixel interpolated, since the real shooting solution is equal to 1280 x 720 pixels, approx 0.9 mega-pixels.

La quality è really low, since i Scatti returned are often blurry e shelled, given the low resolution of the sensor.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

The video recording quality is limited to only 720p a 30 fps on both cameras, so at the limit to make video calls.

As for the rest of the media department, I have not had any problems with the reproduction of videos in Full HD e 4K is 60 fps, both with codecs H.264 that H.265 and in format mkv o mp4. Only videos a 10-bit they reported obvious fluidity and lag problem, sign of how this solution has not been implemented at the hardware codec level.

Good but not optimal il positioning of speaker; present one along the right and one on the left, since it would have been preferable to position them in front. In any case the volume maximum is quite high, as well as in headphones, and allows you to enjoy the various multimedia content without any problem whatsoever.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

Chuwi Hi10 Pro - Software

On the software front, this new one Chuwi Hi10 Pro it stands as a particularly device versatile. We find in fact installed in dual boot Windows 10, obviously original e correctly activated, without any pre-installed application, e Remix OS. The latter represents a particularly customized version of Android for use on tablets.

Thereinterface make flowing almost always fluid, scaling the size of the icons works well and allows you to use and take advantage of the screen with the touch interface. The same goes for the matter as well Remix OS, where what is bad is the version of Android Lollipop 5.1 on which it is based. In fact, what I think is flawed is the graphics of the applications that appears, unfortunately, rather dated.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

Using the Chuwi Hi10 Pro with the relative keyboard we will have a real available netbook, on which you can perform most of the lightest software applications are running smoothly editing documents and Web browsing.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

Too bad, for the lack on the tablet of the two full-size USB ports, easily demouldable by combining the keyboard that, as mentioned previously, integrates one to the left and the right laterally.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro

Chuwi Hi10 Pro - Conclusions

This Chuwi Hi10 Pro it's a device without too many frills but of substance. Complete of the keyboard it becomes a real 2-in-1 compact. Under the software profile, thanks to the presence of both Windows how much of Android, bring with you great flexibility in everyday use.

All seasoned by one good technical data sheet, based on the Z8300 processor, 4 GB of RAM and well 64 GB of storage further expandable through micro SD.

Average l'autonomy, good il display and the touch screen, a little 'less than the glass cover, really little oleophobic.

Overall we promote the Chuwi Hi10 Pro, also in light of the interesting sale price that sees it in the catalog. Recall that the terminal is available at a price of 147.47 € from China to the store Gearbest, while the official keyboard is available at 33.91 €, at the same online store.

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