Xiaomi: new confirmations on the existence of a 4-inch smartphone

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Before the official presentation the Xiaomi Mi 5S there was talk of a variant of the My 5 with display of suns 4 inches of diagonal.

Recently, Lei Jun reported that the My Notes 2 would already entered in mass production. The latter, however, could be anticipated by a new terminal in the series Mi with a reduced diagonal display.

Xiaomi smartphone 4 inch

Xiaomi: new indications on the existence of a smartphone from 4 inches

The official account of Weibo di Xiaomi reported a survey with the question of whether users would like to buy a brand smartphone from 4 inches. The Chinese producer has also left a message where he encourages people to express their opinion about the preferred display format.

The mysterious device from 4 inches had been, long ago, defined by some Weibo insiders as it was Xiaomi Mi Mini o Xiaomi Mi 5 SE, inspired by the designation adopted by Apple. A recent photo, posted on the Chinese social network, revealed a mysterious company phone with a compact body.

Xiaomi smartphone 4 inch

From the image we saw the presence of the logo Mi, located at the top left, of the oval-shaped physical Home button and of the payment support through the service Pay me exploiting theNFC.

As for the technical specifications, based on some rumors emerged earlier, the company's new compact smartphone may have a display from 4.3 HD inches and be moved by a processor quad-core Snapdragon 820 di Qualcomm.

The chip could then be joined by 3 GB of RAM. Other revealed technical features of the latest rumors include a rear camera from 13 mega-pixels, for an fingerprint reader e 32 GB of internal storage.

Xiaomi Mi 5S small

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