Xiaomi Mi 5S: a version with 6 GB of RAM appears online

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Since when OnePlus has launched the fashion to put disproportionate amounts of RAM within their smartphone, even the other Chinese manufacturers have followed the same path, also including huge amounts of memory in their smartphones. Also Xiaomi followed this path but only for the variant Read more of the I 5S, leaving, at most, "suns" 4 GB on the base phone. Perhaps, however, soon this disparity could soon be filled, in fact today emerged on the web of images that would show a version of the Xiaomi Mi 5S with 6 GB of RAM.

Xiaomi Mi 5S with 6GB of RAM

Xiaomi Mi 5S with 6 GB of RAM

The race to offer the largest amount of RAM is similar to what was done with i a couple of years ago mega-pixel of the cameras, the higher they were, the better they looked good. Now it seems that 6 GB of RAM is better than 4 GB just for the same reason. However, to the many smartphones that already use this type of technology, it seems that soon will be added too Xiaomi Mi 5S.

In fact, online photos have emerged that portray the I 5S with the smartphone settings screen open and in view of RAM and storage indication. From the first we can see that the smartphone seems to be equipped with 6 GB of RAM while from the second one only glimpses a value of 64 GB for storage. A strange amount considering that the 4GB version of RAM reaches up to 128 GB.

Xiaomi mi 5s plus hands-on

The Xiaomi Mi 5S

This smartphone is the new jewel produced by the Chinese company Xiaomi that was to make "entry-level" to the older brother, the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus. The update done on the smartphone, sees the use of a processor Snapdragon 821, 3 or 4 GB of RAM, and up to 128 GB of non-expandable storage space. The display is a 5.2 Full HD Thumbs and a fantastic rear camera has been implemented 12 mega-pixels with Sony IMX378 sensor. The battery is a unit from 3200 mAh and the version of Android and the 6.0.1 marshmallow with the Xiaomi custom interface, the MIUI 8.

It is not known at what price this variant of the smartphone could be sold but it is assumed that it can be introduced on the market at a price around dollars 400, about 363 € at the current exchange rate, given the prices of the other models.

Meanwhile, we leave you with the our hands-on of the smartphone, lo Xiaomi Mi 5S, in the version from 3 / 64 GB.

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