Everyone will remember the wait during the MWC 2016 for the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 5. At a distance of about 8 months, Xiaomi proposes, again with the same formula, high-level specifications at a low price for the newborn Xiaomi Mi 5S.

In fact it is an updated version of the top of the Asian company: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, fingerprint reader ultrasonic and the same photo sensor of the Google Pixel awarded by DxOMark: but how does this new jewel of technology really behave? You just have to discover it in ours review complete.

Lo Xiaomi Mi 5S is available for purchase in version 3 / 64 GB on the online store Tinydeal at a price of 327,17 € in the variant Silver.

Xiaomi Mi 5S, the review of GizChina.it

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Xiaomi Mi 5S - Unboxing

No surprises inside the device sales box, where we find:

  • Xiaomi Mi 5S;
  • quick charger from 12 / 9 / 5V e 2.5 / 2 / 1.5A;
  • micro USB / Type-C cable;
  • pin for extracting the SIM trolley;
  • User Manual.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Xiaomi Mi 5S - Design and construction quality

In this respect, compared to his predecessor Xiaomi Mi 5S il metal has taken the place of glass for the realization of the rear body. The design results particularly premium, also on the design of the antennas and the materials used. Very beautiful lateral curvature of the metal that connects with the front glass to protect the display with curvature 2.5D.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Discount also the grip, assisted by the dimensions of 145.6 x 70.3 x 8.3 mm and a low weight of suns 145 grams. In the profile ofoleofobicità excellent surface treatment of the glass as well as the back cover that does not retain fingerprints.


On the right side we see the Power button and the volume rocker, while on the left side we have the Dual Nano SIM slot, who it does not support microSDs. Superiorly we see the mini jack input for the headphones while it is absent the IR sensor to control set top boxes.

The second microphone for environmental noise suppression, on the other hand, is camouflaged along the upper shield of the antennas.

On the other hand, we have the entrance USB Type-C, the speaker grid and that of the main microphone.

On the back there is then the camera main with annex flash LED dual tone.

Then we see another novelty, namely the disappearance of the central physical button, replaced by a key Capacitive home which houses the fingerprint reader with technology ad ultrasound (up to 5 recordable fingerprints) with one release speed that left us some perplexity as for reactivity.

Next to it, we find the i 2 backlit soft touch keys, for which you can set some functions for single touch and long press.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Finally, above we find the front camera, the headset capsule, the proximity and brightness sensors, together with the RGB notification LEDs.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Xiaomi Mi 5S - Display

The display of the I 5S is a drive from 5.15 inches with resolution Full HD e PPI 428 of density. While being a type panel IPS, the colors are very well reproduced and saturated to the right point, although it is possible to notice a color variation when you tilt the phone excessively, especially as regards blacks. However, in the settings it is possible to set some usage profiles, in turn editable.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

La maximum brightness è very good thanks to a value of 600 nits and we do not have big problems with external reading, also considering that the automatic sensor works well.

Furthermore, in conditions of strong sunlight the display tends to saturate the colors more as seen on some Samsung terminals, so as to facilitate viewing.

Excellent also there minimum brightness in low light situations. Also present Reading Mode, with which we can go to decrease the blue component for less eye strain. Very responsive also the touch screen, who never loses a beat.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Xiaomi Mi 5S - Hardware and performance

This Xiaomi Mi 5S is one of the first smartphones on the market to adopt the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, which is an enhanced version of the Snapdragon 820.

We have, in fact, a processor quad-core with 64 architecture bit ARMv8-A Kryo: 2 x 2.15 GHz + 2 x 2.0 GHz.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Le performances are excellent in any situation, no slowdowns are noticed and the whole system runs with extreme fluidity.

Regarding the graphics, the sector is entrusted to the GPU Adreno 530 da 624 MHz, which guarantees of always impeccable gaming sessions even with the heaviest games, with a frame rate always high and constant with graphic details set to maximum.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

In combination with the Qualcomm CPU we find the 3 GB di RAM L dual channel from 1866 MHz. Although it is a smaller quantity than other top of the range, the device is particularly optimized and you can keep in the background a lot of applications which can be reopened without reloading.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

As for its predecessor it is no expansion via micro SD. Present in the variant available to us 64 GB of internal memory which, being of type UFS 2.0, shows its speed both when installing games and in benchmarks.

No problem in the use of browser (both the default and Google Chrome) that in video playback, with support for 4K format.

Xiaomi Mi 5S - 3 Real Racing gaming test

Xiaomi Mi 5S - Photographic section

Another certainly interesting aspect of this new one Xiaomi Mi 5S is the photographic sector. There is a sensor on the back Sony IMX378 Exmor RS from 12.2 mega-pixels, the same present on the new ones Google Pixel e pixel XL. More specifically, we have an opening f / 2.0, autofocus PDAF, lens a 6 items, mode HDR Auto, video recording 4K and double LED flash dual tone.

The main peculiarity is the size of the sensor, in this case from 1 / 2.3 " and with pixels from 1.55 µm. For comparison, the sensor on board theiPhone 7 has dimensions of 1 / 3 " e 1.22 µm. Precisely for this reason, according to the company there would be no need, given the size of the sensor, to match the stabilization optics to that digital only present on the Xiaomi I 5S.


In conditions of good light the images captured are always of excellent quality. Also present the functionality HDR Auto which guarantees an optimal use experience, especially as regards the tip and snap.

Very fast also the software of the camera and equally fast it is also the type of focus PDAF. In phase night, although there is a lowering of the quality of the shots obtained, I remained positively impressed from the work done by this new Sony sensor on board the I 5S.

Very good too flash dual tonedefinitely powerful, which illuminates the scene very well. The front camera is from 4 mega-pixels, always with focal opening f / 2.0, and it too returns definitely good shots, even in low light conditions.

  • Day photo
  • Night and low light photos
  • selfie

Xiaomi Mi 5S - 4K and Full HD recording tests

Video recording can be performed in 4K or Full HD, in both cases a 30 fps. Despite the lack of optical stabilization I have to admit that digital stabilization works rather wellwhile what has me convinced less and the focus continue (CAF) which, as you can see in the video made in Full HD, tends to update continuously with an unpleasant result in the videos made.

Possibility also to carry out time-lapse e slow-motion to 120 fps (only in resolution HD).

Xiaomi Mi 5S - Audio

Still remaining in the multimedia sector, the speaker fornisce one sound sufficiently full-bodied. The low frequencies are present but slightly to the detriment of the high ones which tend to be a bit suffocated.

Level thelistening in headphones, really quality and from almost exaggerated volume. In default player is present theequalizer, in addition to some profiles that can be set depending on the branded audio device Xiaomi that we are possibly using.

Very good also the audio in phase call, and I especially liked listening in speakerphone, which returns a sound very hot.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Xiaomi Mi 5S - Connectivity

The Xiaomi Mi 5S, presents the support in Dual SIM of type stand-by with support to 4G, thanks to the modem LTE Cat.12, And the Volta.

Beyond theassenza area of 20 band, we have not found no problem in Data connection 4G LTE with rapid cell changes without any kind of uncertainty.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

We have no problem with reception Wi-Fi, accompanied by connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 e GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS for satellite navigation, well reactive.

Also present the chip NFC, while absent is the IR sensor how much FM radio.

Xiaomi Mi 5S - Software

On board the Mi 5S we find Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow accompanied by the new version of the Xiaomi interface, namely the MIUI 8.

Currently still there is no global version with native support Italian language and to services Google, which nevertheless can be easily installed.

However in daily use this Mi 5S is fluid and reactive, free of bugs and / or imputations, sign of one good optimization, not to mention that the hardware on board is the best the mobile market can currently offer.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Numerous customization possibilities, typical of the MIUI. The new scrolling graphics of the quick toggles and a menu much more settings flat e sober, with a particularly pleasant design.

Present the functions "Second space", Able to separate the available space in your device as if we had two smartphones in one, useful for example to separate the private sphere from the working one,"Lite Mode", Which makes it possible to make the entire MIUI interface as simple as possible, and"Dual Apps”, Useful for setting up multiple instant messaging app accounts, such as Whatsapp.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Finally we find a rich menu "Battery & Performance", Very complete, thanks to which it will be possible to better manage the energy consumption and even the background apps from which you want to receive notifications.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Xiaomi Mi 5S - Autonomy

Autonomy is guaranteed by a battery from 3200 mAh not removable. We find substantially an increase in capacity compared to its predecessor Xiaomi Mi 5.

As regards the standby consumption, bringing the refill to 100% at 00:00 and not using the device during the night, at 08:00 the percentage was equal to 94%.

With a medium / intense use, throughout the day with two active SIMs (a Vodafone with 4G connection and a Fastweb), without any active energy saving, with Telegram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, two push emails, 30 minutes of YouTube content, 1 now about phone calls, video footage in Full HD, 4K and brightness to 70%, we have touched the 5 hours of display.

Basically I did not place any limitation and I reinserted the smartphone to the 18: 20, really good result that will allow you to cover a day of really stressful use without any kind of problems.

Xiaomi Mi 5S

As for charging, thanks to the standard Quick Charge 3.0 present with the Snapdragon 821, here are the timing of one full recharge, for which it is necessary 1 40 hours and minutes:

  • 0-30%: 25 minutes
  • 0-50%: 35 minutes

Xiaomi Mi 5S - Conclusions

Often improving a successful smartphone like it was Xiaomi Mi 5 it is a really difficult task. Yet, by making the right accorgiment Xiaomii has made this device once again a best buyBalanced, compact, powerful and with big ones potentiality under the profile multimedia, this smartphone really convinced me.

It only left me perplexed non-reactive operation of the fingerprint reader with ultrasonic technology (which could be improved with ROM updates) and the anti-aesthetic black bands at the edge of the display that jar pretty much especially in the variant with Silver / White.

Lo Xiaomi Mi 5S is available for purchase in version 3 / 64 GB on the online store Tinydeal at a price of 327,17 € in the variant Silver.

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