UMi Plus: Best Buy or not? | Full review of

UMi Plus

After analyzing several home products in recent months UMi, today we will go to review his flagshipwe are talking about the new one UMi Plus.

This smartphone is characterized by an attractive appearance and a very competitive hardware equipment within the mid-range.

In fact, theoretically we are faced with a product that would seem to be balanced on all fronts, but in practice, the new one will succeed. UMi Plus to make us satisfied? Let's find out together in our full review!

UMi Plus, the review of

UMi Plus - Sales package

Right from the sales package we can understand how UMi have decided to focus on this product. In fact, we find a black box made of rigid plastic with the company logo on the top and the technical specifications of the device in the lower part.

The casket is a lot compact ed elegance, and inside it is present the following equipment:

  • UMi Plus;
  • wall charger with European socket, USB input and 1.67A output;
  • USB data cable - micro USB;
  • pin for removing the SIM slot;
  • quick instruction manuals.

UMi Plus - Design and materials

Already from the first moment it is possible to see that the photos on the site of UMi they differ slightly from reality, especially as regards lo thickness. In fact, the smartphone has the dimensions of 155 x 75 x 8.8 millimeters for a weight of 185 grams.

Altogether this UMi Plus has a design elegance ed endearing, although inspired by other devices already on the market. Also, I do not really agree with the choice of superimposing the camera on the plastic band for the antennas.

UMi Plus

L'UMi Plus is entirely built in metal and with a unibody body, but here too I have to make a note, because it presents gods small defects both in the assembly and in the finishing. As for the first, the operation of the down key of the volume balance was fluctuating, while as regards the second aspect, I noticed a slight imperfection on the joint between the rear back cover and the upper profile.

UMi Plus

Probably they are imperfections related only to our sample, but for fairness it is right to make it present. For the rest, the smartphone turns out to be enough compact.

Remaining on the back we can find at the ends the two plastic bands for the antennas, the microphone dedicated to the suppression of environmental noise, the main camera accompanied by the double flash Dual Tone LED and finally, the company logo.

UMi Plus

Lo is positioned on the left profile Smart Key, that is a key for the quick start of an application at your convenience, accompanied by the slot for inserting the dual SIM card in Micro format, or a SIM and a Micro SD card.

UMi Plus

On the opposite side, however, there are the volume rocker and the on / off button.

UMi Plus

Below we find the USB Type-C input flanked by the main microphone and the single system speaker, while on the top we find only the mini jack input for the headphones.

Finally we arrive at the front profile where the sensor of brightness and proximity, the capsule and the front camera are located, while at the bottom we find the central physical button with the integrated fingerprint sensor, accompanied by two soft touch keys not backlit and not reported by no symbol.

UMi Plus - Display

The display ofUMi Plus it is a unit of matrix IPS da 5.5 inches diagonal with resolution Full HD and a pixel density of PPI 401.

UMi Plus

To soften the elegant lines of the smartphone thinks about it curved glass of type 2.5D.

UMi Plus

Overall i colors they are well reproduced, even if not very vivid. However this is not a big problem because, thanks to the option Miravision, you can change the parameters to your liking.

Blacks tend slightly towards gray when you rotate the smartphone horizontally, but despite this, the viewing angles are good.

More than enough, too oleophobic treatment carried out on the panel, which does not retain many fingerprints.

Il touch screen it is precise and quite reactive, and is able to detect up to 5 touches.

UMi Plus - Hardware and performance

L'UMi Plus wants to make space in the middle range thanks to a respectable hardware compartment. Under the body we find a SoC MediaTek MT6755 Helio P10, built with a production process a 28 nm and including a CPU true octa-core with architecture a 64 bit ARMv8 and maximum clock frequency of 1.8 GHz.

The results returned within the various tests benchmarking they are in line with most Chinese mid-range devices. L'user experience it's quite good even if some sporadic ones are present micro lag due, however, to the software not optimized in an excellent way.

The graphic sector relies on the ARM GPU Mali-T860 MP2 da 700 MHz, which guarantees good performance also in the Gaming, especially with more challenging games like Asphalt 8 o Real Racing 3.

UMi Plus

To conclude the general picture, we find 4 GB di RAM of type L single channel from 933 MHz e 32 GB di internal storage, expandable through Micro SD.

With regard to the web browsing, pre-installed is the classic stock browser, which offers sufficient performance with a good fluidity. However, we advise you to use VPN extensions for Google Chrome for greater responsiveness and usability of the contents.

UMi Plus - Antutu Benchmark

UMi Plus - Photographic section

The photographic sector ofUMi Plus It consists of a rear camera with a sensor Samsung S5K3L8 da 13 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.4, PDAF autofocus and Dual Tone LED flash.

In favorable light conditions, quality is good, but with decreasing brightness, the quality is lowered decisively. In fact, very often it happens to take photographs moves and with del noise evident.

Not very reactive theAutofocus and the mode is good HDR which goes to correct small defects in the exposure.

Fortunately the software of the camera does not present the classic interface MediaTek and it has been modified making it very simple and intuitive. The shooting mode They are: Normal, Pro-Photo (Manual) and Panorama.

Very good the macro that can be much more appreciable.

As far as the shots at night, the quality is not the best and it can be noticed due to excessive noise. The flash is quite powerful, but fails to improve the performance of the shots.

Frontally we find a sensor GalaxyCore GC5005 da 5 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.8. The shots are discrete in good light conditions, as well as the color reproduction. At night, the same speech is repeated for the rear camera.

UMi Plus - 1080p Video Test

Videos are recorded with theUMi Plus reach the maximum resolution of 1080p a 30 fps.

UMi Plus - Audio

Positioned on the lower profile of the device, the speaker manages to be powerful enough, but not completely clean. Furthermore, the high frequencies they are privileged more than the low ones.

The situation definitely improves during thelistening in headphones, ensuring more quality and greater balance.

As regards'telephone listening, the audio is good and defined both in the earpiece and in hands-free. The microphone it works well and we have not encountered particular problems during the conversation with our interlocutor.

Present, finally, the FM radio.

UMi Plus - Connectivity

L'UMi Plus presents the support in Dual SIM Dual Stand-by with support for 4G LTE Cat.6 and Volta.

The good news is that on board this device we find support for band from 800 MHz. Remaining on this subject, I can consider myself fully satisfied with the reception dell 'UMi Plus, as most of the time I have sailed in 4G without ever having problems related to the signal, both in terms of calls and for navigation.

Also present connections 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n Dual Band, Bluetooth 4.1 and GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS. As regards the satellite navigation, I was not particularly impressed by the operation as the GPS was not perfectly responsive.

Il biometric sensor it has been implemented within the central physical key. It is necessary to store your fingerprints very carefully, as the reader itself is not lightning fast.

Altogether it reaches the enough, but it is certainly not among the best front fingerprint sensors. If we had to make an estimate, 8 times on 10 manages to unlock the device without problems.

UMi Plus - Software

From the software point of view, we find an interface practically stock which has some small personalization such as adding the Turbo Download.

La ROM in question is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and I want to point out that during the trial period I received a Firmware update focused on fixed of some little bugs.

Despite the system is enough fluid e reactive I noticed that some are present, sporadically micro lag which, however, do not particularly compromise daily use.

However, this software it has not been optimized in an excellent way and in fact it can also be understood from the autonomy of the device.

UMi Plus - Autonomy

Under the body of theUMi Plus there is a well battery 4000 mAh, which is able to support fast charging Pump Express 3.0 through the supplied charger from 5 / 7 / 9V 1.67A or 12V 1.25A.

About is required for full charging 1 45 hours and minutes.

Despite the generous amperage, theautonomy fails to be satisfactory. In fact, only the first day I managed to reach a maximum of 5h30 di active screen, while on the other test days the average was around 4h30.

As you can see, they are results below average compared to other terminals with the same capacity.

I would like to make another note also regarding entry USB Type-C, as I noticed that with other Type-C cables the device could not connect perfectly.

This is because the supplied cable has a longer male USB Type-C socket than normal size.

UMi Plus - Conclusions

In conclusion you can buy theUMi Plus on offer on Gearbest a 161.86 € with discount code UMIPlus.

That said I think this smartphone on paper has a great potential, but in the reality we find ourselves to many small defects that do not make this smartphone a best buy.

On the level of construction, I was disappointed with the thickness of the smartphone and some small details in the finishing.

La camera it manages to perform well only in favorable light conditions, because otherwise it remains slightly below the average of other devices in the same category.

Altogether this UMi Plus è fluid, manages to manage well many applications open at the same time without presenting annoying slowdowns, but despite this the software should be optimized more. It pays the consequences especially theautonomy that fails to be sufficient in relation to the amperage offered, that is 4000 mAh.

Reception is very good, perhaps the only side on which excellence was achieved.

Ultimately I think that for the same amount you can buy other devices that can offer much higher performance.

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