UMi Plus on offer at 162 euro with discount code on GearBest

UMi Plus

GearBest, a well-known international store, today presents us with an interesting story offering on the new flagship smartphone of UMiOr l 'UMi Plus, characterized by being an enhanced variant of the Super, from which it inherits, in part, design, features and value for money.

As we said, today the device is on offer on GearBest at the price of 161,86 €, thanks to the discount code "UMIPlus". Recall that, then, the shipment is selectable "Priority Line - Italy Express", Just 0,49 €, thanks to which you can receive the phone quickly without paying customs fees.

UMi Plus GearBest

We leave you now with the link to the article which contains all the device specifications anticipating that tonight, At 21.00, our will be online complete review of the UMI Plus.

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