Sharp presents Corner R, the concept of a smartphone with a frameless display


Sharp, a Japanese company recently acquired by Foxconn, has managed to amaze again during the last edition of the CEATECH 2016 presenting a concept of a smartphone, The Sharp Corner R, which features a fully display without frames on 3 sides.

Sharp is certainly not new to this kind of products, the series Aquos indeed, it is very famous for its displays almost completely without frames. In this case, however, the company took a further step and for the first time, even if only in one concept, has eliminated a third edge of the phone, moving the speaker and the sensors on the bottom of the screen.

sharp corner r

Sharp presents a concept with a display without frames on three sides!

Sharp Corner R, code name of the concept exhibited at the fair, boasts a newly designed panel called Sharp Free Form Display, developed by the division IGZO, a technology that can even touch the 1000 ppi of definition.
sharp corner r
Specifically, the panel proposed in this concept has a diagonal equal to 5.2 with resolution Full HD with 425 ppi, the display, then, is protected by a curved glass 2.5D. The Sharp Corner R truly amazed with its incredible sharpness. The Japanese company, thanks to this type of products, would like to launch strongly into the world of virtual reality.
The concept turns out to be really interesting, we hope it will soon reach a commercialization, leading the way to a new genre of devices with full-screen displays.
sharp corner r

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