Rockchip works on the new Rockchip RK339 processor

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Rockchip is one of the oldest processors producing companies on the market, in fact exactly 15 was founded years ago. In recent years, however, Rockchip It has not been much in the spotlight since it has been overwhelmed by the likes of Qualcomm e Samsung.

Despite this, the Chinese manufacturer would be working on a new named processor Rockchip RK3399. The new chip of the Chinese brand has emerged on the well-known benchmark portal GeekBench revealing its potential.

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Rockchip RK3399: the new SoC transpires on GeekBench showing its potential

First of all, the Rockchip RK3399 It is characterized by one CPU hexa-core with clock frequency equal to 1.51 GHz. The terminal, moved by this SoC, managed to get a score of 1525 points in single-core and 2887 points in multi-core.

Unfortunately, we do not know what this mysterious is smartphone (o tablets) moved by the new Rockchip processor. Anyhow, GeekBench revealed that the device presents the operating system Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow pre-installed and has 4 GB of RAM.

We hope to get more information about the new one Rockchip RK3399 and above all on the device on which it was implemented.

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