The OPPO R9 is the best-selling smartphone in China in physical stores

oppo store

Although not particularly active on the European market, OPPO it is still one of the more companies in the smartphone sector regarding the Asian market. Suffice it to see the recent sales results, which would indicate theOPPO R9 like the best-selling smartphone in Chinese physical stores.

In recent years we have learned how buy online often allows you to save compared to when shopping in the physical stores. Furthermore, it is not to be underestimated the convenience of being able to buy a device directly from home, without necessarily going to the store.

However, a good part of the users continue to prefer thephysical purchase, both for the possibility of being able to see the product that you want to buy both to avoid any inconvenience with the shipment.


OPPO R9: is the best-selling smartphone in Chinese physical stores

As a result, i producers of smartphones have decided in the last years of open also of the physical stores to allow people to be able to buy their products. Among the main companies that still manage to make important numbers in offline sales in China are OPPO ed Apple.

oppo r9 sales in China

According to recent statistics published by Sino-MR, an independent company carrying out market research, theOPPO R9 (known outside of China also as F1 More) and theiPhone 6s di Apple are the best smartphones in terms of offline sales.

According to official data, OPPO she managed to sell over 7 million units of his OPPO R9 from its marketing until the middle of June.

oppo r9 sales in China

In addition to these two devices, there are other smartphones that are doing well in the People's Republic of China. These are the Vivo X7 ed X7 Plus, Huawei P9, Mate 8 and Samsung Galaxy Edge S7.

Other companies, which do not push much into the offline sales, as Xiaomi, in recent months they are trying to start taking these sales channels seriously. In a recent statement, Lei Jun, CEO of the company, said that plans will soon be implemented to increase the stores in China, passing by 25 to 1000 by 2020.

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