In addition to adopting the two most powerful CPUs available on the market and to integrate a display borderless, Universal Z11 e Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 they propose two different interpretations regarding the stylistic / technical choices. No detail on both devices is left to chance, from the construction up to photo gallery, Where S7 Edge is the undisputed champion to beat.

Innovative different, materials different, very powerful hardware and photographic compartments from the top of the class. Which one will win the winner? Find out with us in this interesting match between Universal Z11 ed Samsung Galaxy Edge S7!

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Nubia Z11 vs S7 Edge

Nubia Z11 vs Samsung S7 Edge, the comparison of GizChina

Design, Display and Construction Quality

Looking back at the devices, the first ones are shown differences: shell made of metal for the Z11 e glass for the 'S7 Edge. Therefore different choices by the manufacturers they involve greater slipperiness e little oleophobicity for the home device Samsung.

Universal Z11instead, it has a greater grip and a back cover that is always very clean, not holding the fingerprints. Also present two inserts su Universal Z11, one upper and one lower, in material plastic to improve the transmission of antennas.

Vistoso ed showy l'S7 Edge in our "Silver Titanium" version, elegance and particularly sober as well as minimal Z11, which shows off a completely black front area in an absolutely homogeneous way; I also remind you that the Nubia Z11 in the variant high-end provides the coloring Black with color finishes gold.

Both devices are equipped with a 5.5 inches diagonal, with resolution Full HD for the Universal Z11 e Quad HD per S7 Edge. The flagship of Nubia adopt a technology IPS LCDwhile for the Samsung we find a panel of type Super AMOLED.

Although these are two technologies different of which we already know the peculiarities, the units that adopt the devices are both at the top.

Nubia Z11 vs S7 Edge

Il Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 re-proposes, as in the previous series, a type display Dual Edge. The Universal Z11on the other hand, it shows off a display borderless that, besides having gods vivid colors with a'excellent color rendering, guarantees a high scenic effect, making the lines of this device very clean and elegant.

Although the pixel density is top on Samsung considered the resolution Quad HD, there is no lack on the matter on the Nubia, whose panel reaches a density of PPI 403.

Excellent l'oleofobicità as well as the reflectivity of the glass to protect the display for both smartphones. On S7 Edge then we find a protective glass Gorilla Glass 4, while in the case of Z11 we have a glass Gorilla Glass 3 with a pleasant curvature 2.5D.

Nubia Z11 vs S7 Edge

Although we know how the panels AMOLED offer extreme viewing angles e absolute blacks, the display IPS LCD on board of Universal Z11 he does not disgrace himself. Indeed, i neri are very deep, good the viewing angles and no color change at extreme angles.

In front of the display, on both devices we find the earpiece capsule, the brightness and proximity sensors, the front camera and a Notification LED su S7 Edge.

La front camera on the home device Nubia adopts a sensor from 8 mega-pixels, That of S7 Edge they fall a 5 mega-pixels.

Below, however, the solutions adopted by manufacturers vary. OnS7 Edge a central physical button, which complements the fingerprint reader at whose sides the capacitive keys back e multitasking.

Universal Z11instead, it offers the iconic circular key color red which also acts as Notification LED, at the sides of which the capacitive keys are positioned options e Back / Multitasking (the latter can be activated through a prolonged pressure).

Sul Universal Z11 posteriorly there is the fingerprint reader, which I personally found faster than S7 Edge, since by touch not requiring the "click" as in the device of the Korean house.

In addition, the Nubia sensor allows you to associate some specific features that improve the user experience, such as make screenshots, block the start of the app o take pictures.

Nubia Z11 vs S7 Edge

Sul right edge the Z11 we find the button Power and volume balance; on S7 Edge there is only the button Power.

On the edge left, Z11 presents it dual slot nano SIM, with the possibility of expanding the internal memory da 64 GB means microSD renouncing the use of the second SIM.

Still on the left profile, S7 Edge has two separate keys for the volume adjustment.

As for the upper profiles, on Z11 we find the entrance mini-jack, the second microphone for the suppression of environmental noise and the infrared door to control set top boxes. On S7 Edge there is the second microphone and the slot capable of containing a Nano SIM and memory expansion with microSD.

Even the lower edges have differences: in Universal Z11 we find the door centrally USB Type-C, the main microphone and the system speaker. In Samsung S7 Edgeinstead, we find the same equipment with the addition of the mini jack input and a non-USB Type-C port, but only Micro USB.

Nubia Z11 vs S7 Edge

Later we find the sensors of the main camera: 16 mega-pixels per Universal Z11 e 12.2 mega-pixels su S7 Edge. Present on the Nubia an LED flash dual tone while on the Samsung we find one single flash LED and near the sensor for the detection of heartbeat.

Hardware and Performance

As many of you will know, both devices adopt two of the most powerful hardware solutions available in the smartphone field.

Nubia Z11 vs S7 Edge

Il Universal Z11 It is based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, which is a chipset quad-core to 64 bit with 2 cluster Kryo: 2 x 2.15 GHz + 2 x 1.6 GHz. This solution guarantees aexcellent fluidity in daily use, thanks also to the 4 GB of RAM L dual channel from 1866 MHz and allexcellent software optimization. Obviously the GPU is theAdreno 530, whose gaming performances are now known, with a graphic detail and a frame rate ai maximum levels.

Universal Z11

As regards instead the Samsung S7 Edge we find a processor Exynos 8890, including a CPU octa-core (4 x 2.3 GHz + 4 x 1.6 GHz) 64-bit with 14 nm manufacturing process. In other markets, a version with Snapdragon 820. In any case, the GPU is one Mali-T880 MP12 from 650 MHz, and also in this case we have 4 GB of RAM dual channel to 1794 MHz.

Samsung Galaxy Edge S7

I will not elaborate further on hardware compartment that, being in both the devices at the top, returns an experience of use without any kind of uncertainty, both in everyday use and in situations of greater stress.

The same goes for the gameplay and the reactivity of the devices during the sessions of Gaming, although I found theAdreno 530 a wire top: after all, as we know by now, it is really the undisputed queen of GPUs in the smartphone field.

Photographic sector

Below, the complete specifications regarding the photographic compartments of the 2 devices:

  • Universal Z11
    • 16 mpx Sony IMX298 Exmor RS - f / 2.0 - DTI technology - autofocus PDAF - optical stabilization OIS - LED flash dual tone 
    • 8 mpx Sony IMX179 Exmor  f / 2.4 - Wide Angle 80 °
  • Samsung S7 Edge
    • 12.2 mpx Sony IMX260 Exmor RS - f / 1.7 - autofocus PDAF with Dual Pixel - Smart optical stabilization OIS - LED flash
    • 5 mpx Samsung S5K4E6 - f / 1.7

Nubia Z11 - Sample camera

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Camera Sample

Video comparison in Full HD resolution

Audio quality

Both devices, as we have noted, present thespeaker of system placed in the lower edge.

As for the audio of the Z11, in addition to being very high, it also appears excellent from the point of view of the quality reproduced. Definitely worth of the Hi-Fi chips dedicated AK4376 and implementation Dolby Atmos to manage the sound equalization. The situation it improves further during the'listening in headphones and the function can also be activated in this case "Virtual surround" for an even more immersive audio experience.

examining S7 Edge we note that the maximum volume output from the speaker results lowerprobably this is due to the internal membranes installed to guarantee the IP68 certification. It is not present, as in Z11, a proprietary music application, but several possibilities are well implemented equalization in Play Music di Google, which allow you to customize the music listening to your liking.

Both devices provide within the package of sale of the good-quality earphones, which in my personal opinion are more pleasing from an aesthetic point of view in the case of Nubia.


Excellent reception on both the devices, the call composition and the connection to the network are very rapid. present more customizations in the screen for names in the phone book for the Universal Z11, being the latter endowed with the dual SIM support of which the Samsung is not provided.

La speed di change of cell è fast on both the devices, as well as the signal, whose stability is always good. rapid also passaggi da 3G / 4G to the network Wi-Fi that have never created problems. We also remember the presence area of 20 band da 800 MHz on Universal Z11 in the official version for sale in Italy.

Connectivity Wi-Fi presents full band support 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band. The two terminals are veloci to surf and have a 'excellent reception.

Even in satellite navigation, the two behaved very well, being equipped with GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou.


The software, on both devices, is based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. The Z11 relies on the Nubia UI 4.0, which, besides having been revealed very stable ed free of bugs or malfunctionsOffers various features, like it Split Screen, which actually goes to split the display into 2 independent interfaces with the possibility of being able to open any app.

Then present further gestures, including the always useful double tap to wake, the screen lock through the palm of the hand and the functions FiT 2.0 related to swypes along the sides of the display borderless.

Universal Z11

Sul Samsung S7 Edge we find the now known and loved / hated TouchWiz, relieved of many applications compared to the past. Again, really many possibilities to customize to your liking the device, according to our preferences.

Presentby default, theapp drawer that you can disable within the settings. We also find a specific item to manage the Edge panels in dimensions, position e content. Also present on S7 Edge the possibility of Split Screen to manage different applications simultaneously on the display, but without being able to have two independent homes as on the Nubia.

Samsung S7 Edge


  • Nubia Z11: 3000 mAh
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: 3600 mAh

Despite the numbers, in terms of the capacity of the batteries is against the Z11, the results obtained on both devices are almost similar. This is certainly due to a greater consumption caused by the display Quad HD of the Samsung. About both devices are reached 5 hours di active display and you can cover a day of medium / intense use, without having to resort to some recharge on the fly of the device.

And right from the point of view of the recharge, both smartphones have support for systems quick charging of the latest generation, Quick Charge 3.0 in the case of NubiaAdaptive Fast Charging per Samsung. For a complete recharge of the battery Z11 they are needed around 75 minutes, versus 100 minutes necessary to S7 Edge.


As many of you will know, or have understood over the years, the perfect smartphone does not exist. Although what they propose, these two top of the range with a different soul, probably come close to that.

Let's start by saying that with the Nubia Z11 International there is no problem concerning it assistance e warranty, fully managed in Italy.

On the front of the design, they are two devices very beautiful and here comes the personal taste. Regarding the multimedia sector, Z11 under the profile photographic he does not disfigure compared to S7 Edge and also boasts a sector superior sound. Present, in favor of Z11, also the dual SIM supportof which S7 Edge is not provided.

We could go on for a long time to list the merits of one and the other, but it is certain that if you look at the wallet the Z11 wins, not forgetting that you are still bringing home a powerful hardware, an exclusive design and an excellent multimedia sector that will not make you regret the most expensive S7 Edge.

And what do you think? Let us know in your comments which device you would choose and why!

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