Nubia Z11, OnePlus 3 and Honor 8 | The Three Musketeers! | The comparison of

Among the Chinese producers is open warfare for the marketing of the device more powerful al lower price possible.

Nubia, OnePlus e Honor they meet the user by presenting their last ones flagship, or Nubia Z11OnePlus 3 ed Honor 8, three devices come on materials premium and a sector hardware to envy the most famous brands.

So let's find out what they are together differences between the three in our match!

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Nubia Z11, OnePlus 3 and Honor 8, the comparison of


Starting from packs sales, in addition to being characterized by different shapes and colors, we also find differences in equipment.

Beyond the standard equipment, Honor 8 include headphonescover protectiveUniversal Z11 also offers the headphones and a micro USB / USB Type-C adapter, while OnePlus 3 he is devoid of both.

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Design, Display and Construction Quality

What immediately jumps to the eye once these devices are taken in hand is the greatest constructive quality and the manic care for details.

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Universal Z11 e OnePlus 3 they are entirely made of aluminumwhile on Honor 8 a construction was chosen glass on both sides, which produces beautiful light effects.

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What you notice is also one difference in dimensions, decidedly more accentuated between the two flagships of the house Nubia e OnePlus except for the most compact Honor 8.

Maneuverability that yes, it favors Honor 8 in use with one hand, but that is affected by the slipperiness of the glass with which it is made.

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Frontally we find a  da 5.5 inch both OnePlus that of Nubia, and one from 5.2 inches su Honor.

Philosophies and different constructions among the three: su Z11 a beautiful panel is mounted IPS borderless with resolution Full HD and a pixel density of PPI 401. The whole guarantees a more feeling premium compared to the other two devices. We will then see later that i BORDI of the panel can be used to accomplish some gestures interesting.

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Su OnePlus 3 the diagonal remains 5,5" but the display is of type AMOLED with a pixel density of PPI 401 and resolution Full HD.

nubia z11-op3-honor8-8

As anticipated, Honor 8 it mounts the panel smaller than the three, which does not represent a bad thing, in any case it is an excellent unit IPS da 5,2 Full HD Thumbs da PPI 424 and able to defend himself well from his rivals.

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The three are good in almost all situations. Universal Z11 that's what I found more bright, a unit that really impressed me for the fidelity in the reproduction of the colors e visibility under the direct light of the Sun. Even the viewing angles are good, even if not at the panel levels AMOLED mounted by OnePlus 3.

nubia z11-op3-honor8-10

The latter, however, returns colors slightly saturated ed unnatural, partially obvious problem by checking the option sRGB in the Developer Options.

Il mounted on Honor 8 tents look like much to that of OnePlus 3, showing saturated colors e contrasts high although it is treated as anticipated by one IPS. Too bad that the brightness non be it right high and that curtains and being a real one magnet for the fingerprints.

nubia z11-op3-honor8-11

All three devices have one coverage of the with curvature 2.5D, which is slightly more accentuated su Honor 8.

On all the devices above the display we find the camera from 8 mega-pixels, the ear capsule and the brightness and proximity sensors. On OnePlus 3 ed Honor 8 there is also a LED  notification RGB, unlike the Nubia Z11 on which it is placed inferiorly at the display, in the iconic hour red Home button.

Below the three we notice some partial differences. On Universal Z11 e OnePlus 3 we find 3 capacitive keys places outside the display while on Honor 8 i are present on-screen keys.

Furthermore, on OnePlus 3 we note the presence of the fingerprint reader, implemented in the Home button. Resulting reader lightning and that really impressed me for the precision in recognition.

On the edge right di Nubia ed Honor we find the Power button and volume balance, which is instead positioned a left on the home device OnePlus.

The latter is equipped on the edge right the Dual Nano SIM slot and on left near the barbell of the most comfortable slider for the audio mode switch.

Universal Z11 e Honor 8 instead they present a left only the slot dual Nano SIM or for expand la the memory available to the user up to 256 GB, possibility missing on the OnePlus flagship.

Below on all three there is a door USB Type-C, microphone and thespeaker of system.

We also find the entrance mini jack from 3.5 mm on Honor 8 e OnePlus 3, positioned instead superiorly su Universal Z11, which sees as above Honor 8 the presence of one port IR and second microphone.

Later as we saw earlier the differences they are substantial. On OnePlus e Nubia let's see the camera da 16 mega-pixels and flash LED , in mode dual LED dual tone aboard the Z11.

nubia z11-op3-honor8-23

Su Honor 8 instead we see the coating in glass under which the dual chamber da 12 mega-pixels with focus laser and double LED flash dual tone.

On the latter, as on the Nubia, we note the fingerprint readerAlways fast e accurate on both terminals as well as numerous smart features.

Hardware and Performance

Sul Universal Z11 and on OnePlus 3 we find the very powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, with processor quad-core Kryo, production process a 14 nm and a clock from 2.15 GHz, supported by a quantity of RAM respectively 4 e 6 GB of type L dual channel to 1866 MHz. The GPU is the Adreno 530 with clock a 624 Mhz.

nubia z11-op3-honor8-25

Su Honor 8 instead we find the proprietary SoC HiSilicon Kirin 950, with CPU octa-core, production process a 16 nm, clock from 2.3 GHz e 4 GB of RAM L dual channel to 1333 MHz. The GPU is a Small T860 MP4.

nubia z11-op3-honor8-26

Features on the paper a lot similar, but that they actually see OnePlus 3 like vincitore. Recall that the latter, in addition to mount 2 GB di RAM in more compared to Universal Z11, uses a mass-type memory UFS 2.0.

Performanceally speaking in daily use no particular differences are noted. All three are very fluid and allow the execution of even the heaviest games like Real Racing 3 with high frame rate e details at most.

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  • Antutu


  • Honor 8
  • Universal Z11
  • OnePlus 3

Photographic sector

Il photo gallery has now become a decisive point in the choice of a new smartphone, in this challenge I can tell you that a vincitore there is, but the difference is not so tangible.

nubia z11-op3-honor8-28

A board Universal Z11 e OnePlus 3 we find the same Sony sensor IMX298 da 16 mega-pixels with f / 2.0 ed OIS, in addition to a type of focus PDAF.

Su Honor 8 we find one dual chamber with double Sony sensor IMX286 da 12 mega-pixels, f / 2.0 and focusing on type laser e PDAF.

All three are capable of good Scatti, always well balanced and with aexcellent exposure management. On the other hand, when the light falls, there is a better quality on it OnePlus 3, with sharper shots and with less noise of his challengers.

  • OnePlus 3
  • Universal Z11
  • Honor 8

Cute le mode di click present on Universal Z11 that will allow us to be nice effects di light o multiple exposures.

nubia z11-op3-honor8-31


In the software of the three there are some differences substantial related to the more or less profound customization of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

nubia z11-op3-honor8-32

A board OnePlus 3 we find the now known OXYGEN, very similar to Android Stock è fast, fluid e customizable at the right point.

nubia z11-op3-honor8-33

Su Universal Z11 the bella e Coloured Nubia UI 4.0, too much fluid e customizable. It is in fact present the possibility to activate the gestures relating to BORDI of the di Z11 to use them to navigate the pages, change the brightness of the display and more.

Honor 8 arrives with the classic on board EMUI 4.1 to which Huawei and Honor are getting us used to with their latest devices. Some present on this device gestures related to fingerprint reader clickable.

Connectivity and reception

La reception è good on all three, even if it results in lightweight OnePlus 3 advantage, followed by Honor 8 and Nubia Z11. They proved themselves equally fast in the cell change and in the Switch between data network and Wi-Fi.

Support for the Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac Dual Band su all and 3 the devices.

As for satellite navigation, we find sensors GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / Beidou which make the fixed always molto veloce.

Audio quality

From the comparison audio certainly comes out vincitore undisputed Universal Z11. Thanks to dedicated AK4376 chip la quality of sound is to say the least poco phenomenal. Ampia la gamma di frequencies reproduced e clean sound e crystalline.

Well also the other two, but without leaving the average.

In capsule the three they are equivalent, not having created any kind of problem with my interlocutors.


Speaking of autonomy I must admit that I did not find significant differences between the three. On board all the devices we find a battery from 3000 mAh that will allow us to cover the problems without major problemsall day with stress use.

With OnePlus 3 e Universal Z11 we stand on 4 / 4.5 hours di active screen, autonomy slightly lower to that found on Honor 8 that from its presents a display of smaller dimensions.

I charging times are variables among the three, seeing the presence of different technologies for charging.

Su OnePlus 3 we find the rapid Dash Charge using the charger included in the package, which will allow us to charge the device in poco more than an hour. On the other two we have the Quick Charge 3.0 and Huawei Quick Charge 3.0, both veloci with timing around 75 minutes.

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What to choose? The three devices are excellent throughout, the choice must therefore be based solely on the type of utilization what you do with the device.

If you were looking for a device suitable for modding and from exaggerated power I would definitely recommend you OnePlus 3. If you want a device for stand out, elegance e powerful without sacrifices you are definitely looking for Universal Z11. If you prefer an elegant device instead, but above all compact, well, Honor 8 it's your new smartphone.

However, in all three cases you will not regret the choice made!