iLife V1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, the review of

ilife v1

In recent years we have seen numerous launches on the market smart products to use at home to help carry out daily tasks, such as the dust removal from the floor.

For the latter case, i have been devised cleaning robots specialize in this task. Today we will see theILife V1, Or a robot vacuum cleaner able to clean the floor from dirt and dust.

How did you behave during our tests? Let's find out in ours review complete.

The cleaner robot ILife V1 can be purchased on GearBest at a price of 94,42 € with EU charger included in the box.

LIFE V1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Lightning Gearbest 2 offer

iLife V1 - Package Contents

Inside the sales package we find:

  • iLife V1
  • 4 HEPA filters
  • wall charger with European socket
  • instruction manual available in several languages ​​(including Italian)
  • quick manual for the initialization of the device
  • a pair of extra brushes (+ 2 already installed)
  • brush for cleaning the robot

iLife V1 - Design and build quality

The robot vacuum cleaner was made purely in plastic with some parts in rubber useful to absorb the shock.

The front of the robot It is characterized by a bumper where we find the various sensors and a rubber band. On the upper part there is the button Clear and the main compartment.

Making a small pressure on the inscription "Push”You can open the main compartment. From here you can access the dust collector. Within the latter we find the main filter, the filter HEPA with attached a protective frame and a space where the dust will be deposited.

On the underside of the robot we find the power switch and the DC input where to insert the charger. On the back of theILife V1finally, we have the small wheel and two main wheels, the two brushes positioned on both sides, the battery cover, the intake duct and the two self-charging PINs.

The iLife V1 has a diameter of 30.6 cm, a height of 7.6 cm and a weight of 2 kg.

ILife V1 - Features

L'ILife V1 it's a robot smart vacuum cleaner from easy operation. You can automatically start cleaning by simply pressing the appropriate button. The iLife V1 is able to dust on wood, carpets, tiles, vinyl e linoleum.

Thanks to sensors integrated, the robot automatically detects when it is close to stairs and other gradients. At that point, the device change direction, even when you feel a wall or an obstacle.

ilife v1

According to the company, theILife V1 has a noise level lower than 70 dB. The robot operates at a voltage equal to 11V and integrates a battery from 2600 mAh with current output from 600 mAh and an output voltage of 19V.

ilife v1

Another feature revealed by iLife regards the capacity of the powder content equal to 0.3L. Taking advantage of the button Clear, it is possible to understand some behaviors of the device. The moment the light flashes Orange, means that the robot is in charging phase. The latter will become colored green fixed when the carica was completed.

When you turn on the robot cleaner, a steady green light is reproduced to indicate its operation in cleaning mode. The latter turns solid orange when the battery is low. There is another mode which shows the red color indicator when there is an error.

ILife V1 - Performance

According to the company, the V1 it takes about 35 minutes to clean a medium-sized room. The robot will also pass over the same area of ​​the floor several times to ensure the most accurate cleaning possible. During cleaning, the V1 calculates the optimal cleaning path.

ilife v1

According to the company, the robot employs less than 5 hours to recharge. With this autonomy, iLife V1 should offer from 60 to 80 minutes of operation. Before using theILife V1, the manufacturer recommends to fully recharge it. After the button Clear it is illuminated green, just press the same twice to start cleaning.

In case you need to pause it, just press the same key. To keep the robot in Perfect conditions, you will have to follow one regularly maintenance. This consists in emptying the dust from the container, rinsing it, using the brush to dust the main filter and changing the HEPA filter, in case there is a lot of dust.

ilife v1

After doing this, you will also need to clean the brushes, wheels and sensors with a soft, dry cloth. The HEPA filter can also be cleaned after 15 days of use and replaced after 1 month at most. Of course, this depends on how you use the device.

ilife v1

You will also have to pay close attention to any hair that could block the operation of the vacuum cleaners, brushes and wheels. Obviously, within the manual you can find all the necessary instructions to solve some problems that could occur, such as if the robot turns on itself or if it only works for a short period of time.

ilife v1

The robot has been tested on a floor in a room of about 15 m². This managed to clean it completely, even passing several times on the same areas. Her performance generals are to be considered discrete, if they are naturally compared to its selling price.

Given its height of approx 8 cm, the robot can clean under a bed, but not under lower furniture. With his diameter di poco more than 30 cm, manages to operate only in some areas.

ilife v1

During the tests I noticed that the robot manages to detect the obstacle only from a certain distance. In case there are more obstacles nearby, in fact, you will see the robot bump against them. Of course, this is not a big problem, given the presence of the flexible support located on the top, which, moreover, will not allow it to cause any damage.

As regards'autonomy and charging times, the robot managed to work for 2 hours exact and yes recharged in approx 5 hours.

ILife V1 - Conclusions

L'ILife V1 it turned out to be really a very useful product, especially if its functionality is compared to the purchase price of less than 100 €. However the product is not without defects, like yours thickness or theautonomy limited only to 2 hours, but in any case it is still a valid product.

You will have to be very careful to clear the floor from the various obstacles, as the robot vacuum cleaner it could stop, as happened during my test. Fortunately, the iLife V1 managed to find the right direction to get rid of the obstacles.

Obviously, by spending a larger sum it is possible to find other models on the market that maybe plan the path to be cleaned, return to the charging base once the programmed area has been completed or are thinner. In any case, theILife V1 it can be considered a robot cleaner dall 'excellent value for money.

The cleaner robot ILife V1 is available on GearBest at a price of 94,42 € with EU charger included in the box.

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