DM USB pendrive 2.0 from 32 GB with biometric reader to 26 euro

dm usb pendrive 2.0 32 gb with biometric reader

In this article we will offer you a very special gadget on offer that is hidden in the features of a much more usual product.

Let's talk about one 2.0 USB stick with storage capacity of 32 GB. In addition to normal use as pendrive to save photos, videos, images, music and documents, the device integrates a fingerprint reader, accessible through a switch to the outside.

dm usb stick 2.0 32 gb with biometric reader

TinyDeal: a pendrive with integrated biometric sensor is available on the store

As you have surely guessed, this sensor represents a very secure system that allows access to files saved on the pendrive only to those who have registered their fingerprint. Precisely for this reason, the internal memory is divided into two sectors: public e sure.

dm usb stick 2.0 32 gb with biometric reader

Anyone can access the files saved in the public sector after connecting the key to own computer. In contrast, only users with a registered fingerprint can access the secure sector.

La USB pendrive da 32 GB with biometric sensor can be purchased on TinyDeal at a price of 26,19 €.

dm usb stick 2.0 32 gb with biometric reader

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