Cubot Manito, the entry level you don't expect | The complete review by


La review today takes a new one low-cost Cubot, specifically the Cubot Manito. The device, from the selling price less than 100 €, has an SoC MediaTek MT6737 and well 3 GB of RAM.

It does not have very original and catchy lines and probably many of you will be inclined for a different purchase in this market segment, but there advice warmly await the end of this review because this device might surprise you!

Cubot Manito - The complete review of

Cubot Manito - Sales package

Il sales box of this smartphone is made entirely of rigid cardboard and reserves a content abbastanza minimal, finding the following equipment inside:

  • Cubot Manito;
  • wall power supply with Italian outlet da 5V1A;
  • USB cable - micro USB;
  • CASE​ in TPU;
  • Quick instruction manual in several languages, includingItalian.

Cubot Manito - Design and Materials

La construction of this Cubot Manito provides for a mix of plastic and metal that give it a more soul premium. The rear body, in particular, is totally made of plastic and is characterized by a design already taken on other devices.

Below it we find two rooms for SIM, one in format Microphone and the other in format Nanoas well as one slot for adding one microSD to expand the internal memory of 16 GB to 256 GB. Finally there is also a battery from 2350 mAh.


Always posteriorly we find exposed the camera with sensor Samsung da 13 mega-pixels and opening f / 2.0, the single LED flash and speaker of system.

Le side frames they are completely made of satin metal and finished by excellent milling that run along the edge of the device. Specifically on the left side we find the absence of any component, while on the side right the key is present Power and volume balance.

Below we have only the single microphone and at the top the connector Micro USB and the 3.5 mm mini jack for headphones.

The front part is characterized by the presence, as usual, of the camera, in this case from 5 mega-pixels, as well as dai proximity and brightness sensors,'system speaker and one LED  which, despite the company describes on its site as a notification LED, it does nothing but show us it recharge status of the battery.

On the lower part there are the three soft touch keys, not backlit.

Regarding the dimensions we are dealing with a device of 144 x 72.8 x 8.95 mm for a weight of approx 180 gr. The one-handed use is good but could have been even better, as the side frames are very large.

Cubot Manito - Display

From we must say that we are facing a unity IPS da 5 inches diagonal, with resolution HD 1280 x 720 pixels, density of PPI 294 and curvature 2.5D. As mentioned, le frames are very large, a factor that causes many users to turn up their noses. In the black version probably this defect is slightly masked, but with the other two colors on the market it is an aesthetic choice to which you have to make a habit.


Il panel returns colors abbastanza balanced, with the usual problem related to neri that, even without any inclination of the screen, veer appreciably towards the Grey.


Il brightness sensor it works good but is lazy in adapting to changes in light. Under i reflections of the sun it is not difficult to use the smartphone, even if the numerous footprints that remain on the screen could destabilize the user experience.

Finally the touch screen, with multi-touch up to 9 touches, it works very well and also in the writing phases it results extremely reliable and precise.

Cubot Manito - Hardware, Software and Performance

Il Cubot Manito is equipped with a processor MediaTek MT6737, for an quad-core with maximum clock frequency up to 1.3 GHz, and well 3 GB of RAM. Internal storage stands on 16 GB, expandable through microSD to 256 GB.

Also on this model low-cost there is an ARM GPU Mali T-720 MP2 which offers benefits all in all sufficient, in spite of the frame rate is bass, remains anyway superior to other terminals sold in the same price range.


Thanks to a lean software, the Cubot Manito is a terminal fast and pleasant in daily use, not presenting may problems related to bugs or sudden crashes.

Cubot Manito - Benchmark

Cubot Manito - Camera

L'interface of the camera is the now dated one of MediaTek. The shots taken with the camera back Samsung da 13 mega-pixels are sufficiently good, although with a slight zoom it is possible to notice colors obviously kneaded.

During the daytime hours and in difficult light conditions it is advisable to use theHDR which does its job very well, managing to properly balance the elements of the scene. A little less exciting is the result obtained by the single flash LED, poco powerful.

The front sensor from 5 mega-pixels è abbastanza buono for purely social use.

Cubot Manito - 720p HD video recording test

I video they are turned to one maximum resolution HD 720p. They do not have stabilization and autofocus, but given that the quality è acceptable if compared to the sale price.


Cubot Manito - Audio

Il sales box is not provided with headphones but with the use of good quality headphones you can enjoy pleasant sessions listening to music, having a sufficient sound quality.

Lo speaker, place on the back of the smartphone, it does not deaden the sounds if placed on a surface, as it happens for other devices that adopt the same solution. These however tend to croak slightly especially when listening to songs with high and pronounced tones, giving a volume not excessively high.

As regards the telephone compartment we must say that we have never had problems reception and conversations they have always respected i normal quality standards, be it through headset capsule both in speakerphone.

There is also the FM radio.


Cubot Manito - Connectivity and Browser

From the side connectivity we must be content with one basic equipment, which characterizes most of the products low-cost.

Il Cubot Manito in fact, it is equipped with a 802.11 Wi-Fi module b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, technology OTG, GPS with form A-GPS and connectivity also in LTE 4G, with 20 band included.

In general, reception with Wi-Fi e Vodafone 4G was satisfactory during all the use of the smartphone, without any drastic drop in the network that would affect the performance.


La web browsing it is entrusted only to Chrome, as the software equipment has been reduced to the minimum union level. There speed loading is more than satisfactory and navigation within the news and menus scattered on the web is good and not too cumbersome.


Il GPS has revealed one fluctuating trend, often managing to remain connected continuously to satellite and in other situations to work hard to find the signal. The connectivity BluetoothAlways active and connected to one smartband, it always worked perfectly.

Cubot Manito - Software

The installed operating system is Android Marshmallow 6.0 that the company has cleverly been able to implement within its own product, aiming for a reduction of all bone essential functions.

To be honest, scrolling through the options in the Settings we find no personalization, if not the presence of the Turbo Download and of the most common gestures with the screen turned off, including the double click to wake. Between uses pre-installed only the whole is present Google package and nothing else.

Cubot Manito - Autonomy

La duration Battery he satisfied us. Keeping in mind that the unit is from 2350 mAh I managed to cover them 9 hours of use with more than 3,5 hours di active screen, using it intensively with all the active sensors and with some short game sessions.

For a recharge Assessment da 0 to 100 the battery takes on average 2,5 hours.

Cubot Manito - Conclusions

Il Cubot Manito It offers a fluidity and a reliability of the system really excellent. The fact that in some places aesthetically it is not very well finished and that the design not then completely original we think that they can take a back seat in front of more important characteristics in daily use.

In short, we are talking about a terminal that could become a best buy in the category entry-level. We emphasize “could” because the absence of system apps like that of the Gallery and a standard equipment level software reduced to the bone they risk discouraging the less practical.

Il Cubot Manito is available for purchase at GearBest at a price of 98 €.