OnePlus will continue to use AMOLED displays on its devices

Over the last few years we have begun to appreciate the products of OnePlus, the company led by Carl Pei has managed to break the hearts of many European users, above all thanks to the high quality / price ratio of its products.

This year, the Chinese company has launched the new OnePlus 3, for the first time available without the much-hated invitation system, despite the fact that over the years it has not been able to satisfy all its customers.

Oneplus 3

OnePlus will continue to use Optic AMOLED displays

The origin of this problem, in fact, would be impossible to find   Optic AMOLED on the market; however today, through a tweet from co-founder Carl Pei, OnePlus reassured its customers, stating that the production of the smartphone with Optic AMOLED display will continue and that the possible adoption of LCD screens it would only be momentary.

The company, according to the executive, would considerably focus on AMOLED technology but would have encountered, over the months, considerable problems in finding the screens, in fact these are made by Samsung which, therefore, primarily thinks of the supply for its devices.

Oneplus 3

The same Carl Pei also confirmed, indirectly, the various rumors, which would like an imminent launch of a possible version S of his OnePlus 3, which should be an up-to-date successor of the current Chinese company's Top Range.

This, according to new rumors, should be moved by a SoC Snapdragon 821, which should guarantee a better autonomy to the device than its predecessor.


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