OnePlus 3 Soft Gold is available again with immediate shipping ... or maybe not?

OnePlus 3 It is definitely one of the smartphones Android of the year, able to conquer the general public thanks to its value for money. The Chinese company, however, has failed to meet the massive demands of its device, in fact the version "Soft Gold", It turned out to be practically untraceable and the stocks of that"Graphite"They have been exhausted several times.

Today, however, on its official website, OnePlus has put up for sale, with immediate shipment, the smartphone in its Gold color.

OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 back available in its Soft Gold coloring ... or maybe not?

After the sales stop decided by OnePlus for its last flagship, due to the lack of availability of the product, and the subsequent reopening occurred in the middle of last month, on the official website were reported times of waiting for about four weeks in order to receive the product at home.

A situation not really favorable for customers, forced to wait too over a month to receive your own OnePlus 3. The situation would however seem to be improving: from a few hours, apparently, the phone in the "Soft Gold" coloring would finally be available with immediate shipment, as reported by the same page of the site OnePlus.

But unfortunately, it could just be a bug of the site. Many users, in fact, have tried to buy the device, complaining that they are "Out of Stock". We therefore await official news from the company.

OnePlus 3

As you can see from the screen, buying a OnePlus 3 in the chromatic variant "Soft Gold", The shipment is reported as immediate; contrary, instead, to "Graphite", Which continues to be shown with waiting times in the order of four weeks.

For any clarification on this, we refer to the Official site company.

OnePlus 3

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