Xiaomi: and if the teaser alludes to another product?

Xiaomi Mi 5S 2 presentation

We are all waiting for the event Xiaomi of September 27th and, even more after the publication of a teaser with one S in plain sight, we all gave for sure the launch of the long awaited Xiaomi Mi 5S and, of course, all recent rumors (including the publication of a first test su Antutu) confirm this news.

The choice of the letter Showever, it could allude to more than one product, although not exactly to a new smartphone. According to some rumors, in fact, it could be new models of the Xiaomi Mi TV 3S.

New Xiaomi Mi TV 3S or 4S?

Currently the range of Smart TV produced by the Chinese giant have reached the version 3S, in the configurations from 43 inches, 48 inches e 60 inches, while they are still in production We TV 3 da 55, 60 e 70 inch and, therefore, we could expect just theupdate one or all of these models.

Xiaomi Mi TV 3S or 4S

More remote, instead the possibility of a new generation of We TV 4S: in fact according to the normal nomenclature of Xiaomi we should expect the release of the first We TV 4 but, as the Chinese company has accustomed us, we cannot exclude surprises.

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