The first smart refrigerator powered by YunOS was presented in China

Presented China's first smart refrigerator with YunOS 6

The world around us is changing. After mobile phones, TVs and some household cleaning appliances, the time has come for another category of objects to become "smart": we are talking about ...refrigerators! Yes, because a Chinese company has just presented the first refrigerator with Yunos a bank.

Presented China's first smart refrigerator with YunOS 1

In today's day VandeLo, a Chinese appliance company, presented its first smart fridge managed by the operating system Yunos, an Android-based distro of Linux, developed by AliCloud in 2011 in China.

When "smart" really means improving an object

The benefits of this refrigerator lie in smart options managed through feature-rich applications. The fridge, interfacing to the user through a touch-screen, placed on the outside of one of its doors, can not only communicate the amount of food present inside it and theirs condition but it can also connect to Internet and offer some entertainment features like the FM radio. Presented China's first smart refrigerator with YunOS 5Thanks to this potential, then, the user can search for recipes online or even, with just a few taps, have access to the supermarket line catalog Lynx e buy food online missing (although this feature is, of course, dedicated exclusively to the Chinese market)! In addition, the fridge can be monitored by a special one smartphone app, which will allow us to see within this thanks to some cameras present in the fridge itself, so as to better manage the expense to be done returning home from work.

Presented China's first smart refrigerator with YunOS 14Presented China's first smart refrigerator with YunOS 10

Alimentazione Smart

The operating system Yunos which runs the fridge is also equipped with advanced features collection and study of personal data on nutrition that you follow, so you can develop a special healthier diet program to be followed by users.

Presented China's first smart refrigerator with YunOS 3

Attualmente, il frigorifero è in fase di prevendita in Cina in due versioni: la Standard Edition venduta a 3999 yuan, circa 535 euro al cambio attuale, e la versione Exclusive Edition proposta a 4999 yuan, al cambio circa 667 euro.

We leave you with some pictures of the smart refrigerator:

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