Nubia Z9 Max International, the full review of

Nubia Z9 Max International

Over a year ago we talked about a very interesting device, the Nubia Z9 Max, an appealing device especially for its data sheet (cutting edge last year), but a little less for the software stock that needed not a few reviews to be made well-functioning in our country.

Today, however, we analyze the Nubia Z9 Max International, which presents some small difference in the technical, in which we find a different one CPU as well as a quantity of memory RAM lower. Ready to find out in ours Full review?


Nubia Z9 Max International is available for purchase on a 199 € with shipping from Italy and 24 months warranty.

Nubia Z9 Max, the full review of

Nubia Z9 Max - Sales package


Change the design of the package, But the content it remains essentially the same. In fact, inside the sales box, we can find:

  • Nubia Z9 Max;
  • European charger with 2A output and USB input;
  • USB / microUSB flat cable;
  • instruction manuals.

Nubia Z9 Max - Design and materials

Even in the past on the previous Chinese versions, Nubia had never disappointed the expectations on the front related to the constructive quality, given the realization so impeccable.

This is also the case Z9 Max which, however, having already over a year of life on its shoulders (the first version with Snapdragon 810 came out almost at the beginning of last year), has a design certainly not up to date with current standards, but certainly not disappointing.


The body is made almost entirely of glass Gorilla Glass 3 in the back and front, while the perimeter frame is of satin aluminum which, in the Black variant in our possession, makes the device very stylish e refined.

Analyzing more closely the four sides of the device, however, starting from the bottom we find the micro USB connector, the main microphone and the primary speaker.


The upper side, then, houses only the mini jack input for the headphones, as well as the according to microphone for the reduction of environmental noise.


The left side, instead, integrates the slot dual Nano SIM / micro SD, the latter supported up to 128 GB.


On the right side, moreover, we find the balance wheel for adjusting the volume as well as the Power button.


At the bottom, on the front, there is the typical soft touch button of the circular Nubia that lights up red at the pressure and also acts as a Notification LED.


Nubia Z9 Max - Display

Il Nubia Z9 Max mount a panel from 5.5 inches of matrix IPS, with resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels and a pixel density of 401 PPI.

The panel used on this device features a good reproduction of all the chromatic range, with the exception of black which tends slightly to gray at maximum brightness.


La definition and brightness of the display are of excellent level as well as the relative sensor, which adapts very quickly the required brightness level according to the conditions in which we find ourselves.

Nubia Z9 Max - Hardware and performance

The substantial difference between the model Chinese and this variant International, besides the installed ROM, it is certainly the technical. If in the model analyzed last year we had it on board Snapdragon 810 e 3 GB of RAM, the variant in question possesses one Snapdragon 615 e 2 GB of RAM.

in daily operations, such as the use of social networks, exchange of e-mails and so on both the terminals are fluids, veloci e reactive without any kind of difficulty.

The only ones differences emerge in the Gaming o benchmarking (in which the scores are much lower than the Z9 Max with Snap 810), even if all is negligible since it is just about USEFULL e technical data which, often, in the concrete really serve a poco.

Beyond that, in our tests with Asphalt 8 they are obtained performance in the complex of good level. Same speech for the web browsing, even if the browser of Nubia UI.

It must also be said that the variant with Snapdragon 810 it was not among the luckiest ever marketed due to some problems related to temperature management which, often, were converted into performance drops. All that has just been said, however, does not afflict this version of the Nubia Z9 Max, which runs perfectly and without problems with any tested application.

Nubia Z9 Max - Antutu Benchmark

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Nubia Z9 Max - Audio

Good, however, the positioning of the speaker along the bottom of the smartphone.

For what concerns the sound qualityinstead, we have a volume on average high and an equalization that is not the best, with a strong accentuation of the medium-low frequencies at the expense of the almost completely absent high ones.

Nubia Z9 Max - Camera

Equipped with a sensor Sony IMX234 da 16 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.0, the Nubia Z9 Max on the photographic section makes some very interesting shots in the price range within which it is placed.

In good light conditions, in fact, the Nubia Z9 Max manages to shoot some definite photographs and enough full of details, having a good color calibration and an excellent field of vision. Logically, the most "experts" can notice a not perfect sharpness if you make the crop, but all this is negligible in this market segment.

good le Photos also with the LED flash, which illuminates the scene more than sufficiently, especially if you take photographs of subjects in the foreground. Excellent and impeccable is instead theCamera app available on Nubia UI, full of options for shooting.

It is also present the Manual function for more experienced users, where you can change many parameters including ISO, white balance and focus.

Nubia Z9 Max - FullHD 1080p video recording test

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Nubia Z9 Max - Connectivity

As anticipated, the Nubia Z9 Max presents the support dual Nano SIM dual stand-by type, with support for networks 4Gexcept for the 20 band.

However, the terminal has always behaved very well per quanto riguarda reception ed coupling cells, never showing particular problems.

As for the rest of the sector, no problem with the Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n / acBluetooth 4.1 and also satellite navigation with GPS / A-GPS, thanks also to the presence of the Compass.

Nubia Z9 Max - Software

Il Nubia Z9 Max is moved by Nubia UI 3.5.1 based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 customized by the manufacturer in the interface and in the functionalities. In this International variant there is also the language Italian company, even if at present some items are not translated perfectly (nothing serious). The device is also sold by default with the Play Store and relative Google services.

La ROM it has proven to be very complete e fluid both in the navigation phase within the user interface and in the exclusive features implemented by Nubia. In fact, we find many interesting software features such as the MultiWindows, the mode of one-handed use, screen gestures off and a energy saving mode.

Nubia Z9 Max - Autonomy

Equipped with the same battery as the version with Snapdragon 810, this Z9 Max has a lot at its disposal 2900 mAh that, considering the lower consumption of the Snapdragon 615, allow us to broadly cover the day of stressful use, touching the 5 hours of active screen with rather intense use.

Nubia Z9 Max - Photo Gallery

Nubia Z9 Max - Final considerations

At the present state of things, with a firmware suitable for our country as well as one official store that offers warranty of well- 24 months, this Nubia Z9 Max becomes a purchase very interesting both for the price and for the technical card in its possession.

Il price / performance ratioin fact it is definitely good and the design is undoubtedly excellent and respectable. For us it is promoted, What do you think about it?

Nubia Z9 Max International is available for purchase on a 199 € with shipping from Italy and 24 months warranty.