Huawei Mate 9: will be presented to the world in November?

Hauwei mate 9

For some time, many rumors would like to imminent the launch of the next top of the range Huawei, or theHuawei Mate 9.

Faded the chance to see the new smartphone all 'IFA 2016 in that of Berlin, we have therefore collected for you the possible rumors indicating the launch period of the next Chinese company's top range device.

Huawei mate 9

New rumors would like the launch of Huawei Mate 9 by the end of November

The analyst Pan Jiutan indeed, he affirmed that Mate 9 will be released at exactly one year from the arrival of his elder brother Mate 8. Bearing in mind that Mate 8 was released at the end of the month November over the past year, Mate 9 is likely to be introduced to the world around that date.

However, the same analyst also specified that all the rumors regarding the technical data sheet and design of the device could also turn out to be unfounded, as there has been no official communication from the Chinese company and to date there would still be 3 months left to the alleged launch of the device.
Always according to Pan Jiutang, Huawei would have created an internal research and development project, called "Manhattan Project“, Perhaps precisely because of the development of the new device even if the company has not released further information on the matter.

We are currently not sure that “Manhattan Project” is the code name of the future home smartphone Huawei. We just have to wait for further rumors to discover the face of the next top of the range of the Chinese company.

huawei, huawei mate 9

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