[GUIDE] Nubia Z11: how to install Xposed Framework

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In this tutorial we will see how to install theXposed Framework for the Universal Z11.

For those who want to this link you can find our full review of the Universal Z11. We remind you that the phone is officially available in Italy on NubiaMobile.it at a price of 449 €, with Free Shipping dall 'ItalyItalian warranty of 24 months.

Nubia z11

Nubia Z11: how to install Xposed Framework

For those who did not know it, the Xposed framework could be defined as a control center for mods. In fact, thanks to it, we can install various plugins (just the mod) that will change, more or less "heavy", our Android system expanding its functions o correcting bugs,, without physically going to change the partition "/ System". All this is possible, of course, thanks to the support of the large group of developers who work assiduously on this project.

IMPORTANT: The procedure described in this guide presents complex operations that, if carried out incorrectly, they could damage your device. It is recommended to run only by users who have gained a good experience in modding for Android. The staff of GizChina.it will not be held responsible for any damage to the device.

You can find the complete guide on our forum (section Nubia). We also invite you to participate in large numbers in the discussion and stay tuned for any updates.

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