Focalmax Accordion VR: the review of

Focalmax Accordion VR

One of the trends that is developing in this 2016 is surely represented by the virtual reality, finally available to everyone thanks to the production of several VR viewers usable with the smartphone and thanks to specially developed applications. Today we will analyze the Focalmax Accordion VR, a viewer with a particular shape and a low price.

Focalmax Accordion VR - Unboxing

The viewer is sold in a simple box in black hardcover low quality and very thin, so much so that this is easily subject to shocks, not too serious thanks to the resistance of the visor, made in silicone. On the box are reported the model and, on an applied adhesive, the brand. On the back side there are the technical specifications and the QR code is missing, even if differently reported in the user manual.

Coming to the content, the viewer is placed in a white canvas bag inside which there are, besides the viewer same, in the showy blue coloring, also an lens cleaning cloth, a belt to fix the viewer to the head and the User Manual.

Focalmax Accordion VR - Design and build quality

The viewer shows up with a unpublished design which, as the name suggests (accordion means accordion in English), is characterized by its particular accordion shape, adjustable to meet the defects of sight user.

This device is made of silicone that, combined with the design that makes it foldable, it characterizes it as particularly suitable for transport, For dimensions e lightness (Weighs 180 grams). Through one front pocket a smartphone can easily be inserted from 4.5 to 6 inches but the wide one rear window is not suitable for use in augmented reality with each phone as it would cover the camera if placed near the top edge of the same.

Le lenses, of type fresnel, I am very large and, through a system of felt closures on which they are indicate the gradations combined with the accordion design of the device, it is possible adjust the distance from the lenses to encourage users shortsighted o farsighted. Given also the inexpensiveness of the device it is easy to explain the lack of any magnetic button but more serious are the lack of headphone holes or for encourage any interaction with the screen.

Focalmax Accordion VR - Comfort

Thanks to the manufacture in silicone, the device turns out to be light e very comfortable in use and the facial protection in leatherette, with holes for perspiration, further improves the user experience avoiding excessive perspiration.

The head strap and the neck strap are comfortable e well adjustable thanks to the convenient velcro straps.

Focalmax Accordion VR - Video quality

The tests we performed were made with one OnePlus 3 and one Redmire Xiaomi Note Pro 3, both devices with display from 5.5 inches and resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) (the first AMOLED and the second IPS) and the software used were cardboard, a roller coaster simulator and some player 3D video at 360 °.

Focalmax Accordion VR

Le lenses di generous dimensions and a visual field with a FOV of well- 100-115 ° (a value well above the average, also of more noble viewers), make that the visual quality is very good, especially considering the price to which the viewer is sold. The real flaw, however, consists inabsence of a magnetic key which could lead to having to buy a Bluetooth controller in order to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by this type of technology.

Focalmax Accordion VR - Conclusions

In conclusion, the Focalmax Accordion VR unites one great portability at a video quality swork at the average compared to the viewers of this price range, combined with a particular and flashy design that, therefore, can like it or not.

This device is available for purchase on MyEfox at the price of 9,99 EURo with Free Shipping.

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