Elephone R9, Elephone S7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the dimensions compared

iPhone 7 Plus Elephone R9

Elephone is a company that has focused a lot on the realization of smartphone with frames of the screen particularly contained or even, borderless. To emphasize how in real life these optimizations translate into a significant increase in manageability, the company has produced one photographic comparative of his neighbors Elephone R9 ed Elephone S7 with the last born of the house Apple, L '7 iPhone Plus.

The comparison on the dimensions of Elephone R9, Elephone S7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Remembering that all these phones have a display from 5.5 inches diagonal, we can already note the differences simply by approaching the phones. THE'7 iPhone Plus appears to be significantly larger than both Elephone devices, especially theElephone S7, characterized by a borderless display while, in the photo that portrays him with theElephone R9, while the length is clearly superior, the width is hardly decipherable even if i BORDI of the smartphone Apple they appear sensibly bigger.

The only way to uniquely determine the difference, however, is measuring them. Elephone, therefore, shows us a first roundup that highlights the differences of lunghezza: in this case the7 iPhone Plus it is attested on the 158,34 mm, L 'S7 arrive at the 150,54 mm el 'R9 it even stops at 149,81 mm.

With regard to the widthinstead, the7 iPhone Plus reaches i 78,01 mm, L 'R9 ai 74,41 mm and, thanks to the borderless screen, theElephone S7 presents a width of only 73,13 mm!

Definitely the dimensions they do not express everything in a telephone and, undoubtedly, they are not the first discriminant in the choice but it is undoubted that the work of Elephone in the optimization of its smartphones it has been really remarkable.

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