Elephone Ele Whisper: earphones with Hi-Fi chips and noise cancellation

elephone ele whisper

We have seen how in the time the Chinese companies they have diversified theirs products. In addition to selling smartphones, in fact, they offer other devices such as earphones e Powerbank. Elephone, Together with Xiaomi e Meizu, is an example, given the recently released of his first earphones Elephone Ele Whisper.

These have been developed in collaboration with China AerospaceEle Whisper combine one chip is preferably used for noise cancellation in the background and a Hi-Fi chips. These allow users to enjoy a high fidelity audio and protect your hearing at the same time, as stated by the company.

elephone ele whisper

Elephone Ele Whisper: new information emerged on the company's first earphones

Le Elephone Ele Whisper use a technology of active noise reduction (ANR) and are flanked by microphones very sensitive and an accurate one work is preferably used for noise reduction. The earphones also feature a Hi-Fi chips high fidelity, in addition to speakers and other high-end components.

To achieve the best noise attenuation possible, Elephone has adopted a microphone that allows detect the noise signal coming from the external environment.

elephone ele whisper

The integrated circuit in the earphones generates a anti-noise signal which creates interference, thus eliminating the noise itself. THE two speakersfinally, they feed the wave generated by the music and the noise wave so that these two do not interfere with each other.

Thus, the Elephone Ele Whisper allow the listener to hear only the music and not the noise. For the most audiophile, i environmental noise they are one of the biggest concerns when going out or when traveling by plane.

However, turning up the sound volume may cause serious damage to your hearing. In addition to silencing environmental noise, the Ele Whisper they manage to offer a clean and full-bodied sound without causing damage, again as reported by the Elephone itself.

You can find out more about the new earphones of the Chinese brand a this link.

elephone ele whisper

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