Elephone Ele Whisper: this is how noise cancellation occurs

elephone ele whisper

It's been over a week now since Elephone ha pre-orders started of his earphones Elephone Ele Whisper. Feedback on the first purchases turned out to be quite good, as reported by the company.

Most users asked how the function was implemented noise cancellation and what are the differences of its technology compared to the others. In order for the background noise reduction to occur, this mainly depends on motherboard and from chip.

elephone ele whisper

Elephone Ele Whisper: the company explains how noise cancellation occurs

- Elephone Ele Whisper integrate a chip CASC863A aerospace grade and a special sensor made to measure for the microphone, the latter with high sensitivity. This is able to detect and capture i environmental noise and then send them to the integrated circuit CASC863A.

The circuits of the system, at this point, conduct a algorithm series who take care of entrance beeps. The same, then, carry at the same time the acoustic signal and thenoise wave in real time to block and compensate for the noise around you.

elephone ele whisper

According to the company, Ele Whisper guarantee atop audio experience to all its buyers. Thanks to the active noise reduction technology created by CASC IANC, environmental noise can be eliminated substantially.

To all this is added one protective layer for hearing. Whether you use a smartphone from your company or another brand or another device, you will have to activate noise cancellation through it Switch special.

You can find out more details about Elephone Ele Whisper a this link.

elephone ele whisper

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