Blackview A8 Max: low-cost from 70 euro metal | Our review

Today we are in the company of a device with a processor MediaTek MT6737, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory e rear camera with sensor Sony from 8 mega-pixels. The price? Very low for what it offers. Let's talk about Blackview A8 Max of which we have tested the Champagne Gold version. With these premises a question arises: will all that glitters really be all gold?

Let's find out inside our Full review!

Blackview A8 Max - The review of

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Blackview A8 Max - Sales package

La equipment of accessories with which this smartphone is sold is really Assessment. The sales box is totally made of cardboard, with the company logo on the front. Within this are present:

  • Blackview A8 Max;
  • wall power supply with Italian outlet da 5V e take the exit (uscita) da 1A;
  • USB cable - micro USB;
  • a plastic film to be applied to the screen;
  • CASE​ in TPU;
  • brief instruction manual rapids, in several languages, Italian excluded;
  • headphones in-ear headphones.

Blackview A8 Max - Design and Materials

The back shell of this Blackview A8 Max It is made of plastic and it's Removable, finding beneath it the rooms for the two Micro SIM and in addition a slot for inserting one Micro SD thanks to which you can expand the internal memory of 16 GB up to a maximum of 64 GB. To occupy most of the space present in the back is the battery from 3000 mAh.

The back is characterized by the further presence of the system speaker and from camera with Sony sensor, combined with single flash led.

La left frame is completely clear from any element, that right hosts the Power button and volume balance.

Inferiorly the metal frame is interrupted by the presence of the microphone and above from the attack Micro USB and from the jack from 3.5 mm.

Frontally we have, in addition to the panel we will discuss later, thesystem loudspeaker, the proximity and brightness sensorsà and la camera with sensor from 5 mega-pixels. At the bottom there are also three keys soft touch not backlit but characterized by a silver texture.


The dimensions of the Blackview A8 Max are of 154.3 mm x 78 mm x 8.9 mm. The overall weight is well 185 grams but, in spite of this, the device is able to keep discretely in hand, although it can take a bit of fatigue after prolonged sessions of use. The metal frame, which runs along the entire perimeter of the smartphone, is made with a lot of care and to the touch gives an excellent feeling of solidity.


Blackview A8 Max - Display

Deepening the discourse related to , let's start by saying that the panel mounted on this terminal is a IPS from 5.5 inches of diagonal with HD resolution. The glass is worked along the edges showing the now typical curl 2.5D.


Lo screen returns good feelings in everyday use as even under the light of the sun fairly visible. The brightness sensorHowever, it is too much lazy and therefore in difficult conditions it is necessary to manually calibrate the same.

The calibration of the colors it is average: i whites are good never neri they are too much poco deep and this can also be seen without the need to tilt the screen excessively. The presence of a chipset MediaTek however, offers the possibility to use the options of Miravision in case you want to manually operate a different color calibration.


Il touch screen, with multi-touch up to 5 touches, I found it poco reactive in some situations like the writing a text or scrolling through the pages website. For all the other operations I have not noticed, however, no problem.


Le fingerprintsfinally, they are held back excessively by the glass, so much so that no one appears to have been made oleophobic treatment on it.

Blackview A8 Max - Hardware, Performance and Software

Il Blackview A8 Max It is moved by a processor MediaTek MT6737, for an quad-core with clock frequency maximum of 1.3 GHz, accompanied by 2 GB di RAM e 16 GB of internal storage, expandable through the use of one micro SD.

Graphically it is driven by one Mali T-720 that, in our trial with Real Racing, returns an experience of sufficient game, with all the details at most but with a low frame rate. Value, however, to be considered more than good if compared to the sale price of the device.


Il software on board this device is Android Marshmallow 6.0, with some Customization additional from the manufacturer. First of all the applications are all in the home, in style iPhone. Secondly, le icon inside the menu Settings have been changed e redesigned from Blackview, still maintaining the same entries in the stock version. The most interesting point concerns the implementation, which can be activated within the same "Settings" menu, of a wide range of gesture. There are 4 options:

  • Finger gesture;
  • gesture motion;
  • smart motion, which allows us to recognize some of our movements without using the touch screen;
  • wake gesture.

The latter work only partially, as some are quite reliable while others seem not to be perfectly recognized, working very rarely.


I 2 GB of RAM of which this Blackview is equipped they are sufficient to carry out daily operations throughout comfort, without experiencing slowdowns or bugs in the system. Self stressed more, for example opening many heavy applications at the same time, it responds more slowly in the loading of the pages website or social applications like Facebook and Twitter. When stressed, it also tends to heat consistently in the back, near the camera, reaching temperature higher than normal.

Blackview A8 Max - Benchmark


Blackview A8 Max - Camera

The Blackview A8 Max is equipped with a camera from the rear 8 mega-pixels with sensor Sony IMX 219. For the price at which it is proposed, we do not feel like rejecting this department too low. In conditions of daylight, even complicated, the shots do not present excessive noise, although the colors are slightly kneaded in the background. THE'HDR, while not doing miracles, it does its job very well managing to manage the light better, offering sharper images and with a better one color balance. The single flash led turns out to be a lot undertone, failing to illuminate the scene satisfactorily.

Frontally, the camera is from 5 mega-pixels and the quality of the shots is very low even during the hours of light. The images present much noise and the colors are really too much kneaded at all levels.

Blackview A8 Max - 720p HD video recording test

The videos shot by the rear camera are in HD resolution, without the presence of auto-focus of the image.

Blackview A8 Max - Audio

Before talking about the sound quality, I want to remember how the company opted for a posterior positioning of the speaker. Once the smartphone is placed on a flat surface, the volume is almost completely canceled. Apart from this fact, we are still faced with low sound quality and characterized by one depth of tones practically nothing. Things do not improve with the use of headphones supplied with the smartphone which, if possible, make the listening experience worse. Furthermore, the presence of the FM radio.


As regards the telephone department I have not encountered problems in everyday use. dall 'speaker he feels well and clearly, even if the sound is sometimes shown poco clean and voted at the highest frequencies.


Blackview A8 Max - Connectivity

The Department connectivity of the device did not fully satisfy me. The device, in fact, is equipped with connectivity LTE, including the 800 band, which in these days of use with the 4G di Vodafone he showed a fluctuating behavior. With applications like Whatsapp, and more, I have verified a delay in notification incoming and outgoing messages. The connection, often, it is "asleep" not allowing me a regular use of the service, both with 4G and through Wi-Fi.

Talking about it Wi-Fi, Within the Blackview A8 Max there is a form 802.11 b / g / n which does not excel in reception, failing to offer a stable connection in areas of the house where, usually, other devices were able to connect.

Also the form GPS A-GPS has not reached the sufficiency and is even the worst compartment in the field of connectivity. Navigation through Google Maps or third-party app was impossible since the reception of the satellite has always been a dancer and chronically inconsistent.

The device is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 that, in spite of all the other departments, he never gave problems, although he always kept connected to one smart band.

Blackview A8 Max - Browser

Navigation through the system browser does not differ much from that offered by Google Chrome. In both cases the opening of the pages is slow and the loading of the contents sometimes takes longer than necessary. If there are many on the site we are connected to multimedia content we may never be able to visualize them because of them times of attestation biblical affecting navigation.

Blackview A8 Max - Autonomy

Strong point of the Blackview A8 Max is definitely battery da 3000 mAh of which it is equipped. A use stressful of the device allows you to touch the 5 hours di active screen on a total of 8 hours of general use. In condizioni normal manages to behave better, bringing us up to 20 hours with one more 30% of residual battery.

While using the device I have not found battery malfunctions or sessions in which it has had major download peaks.

La total recharge, from 0 to 100%, takes place in around 3 hours, since the charger has aexit from 1A, so not quick.

Blackview A8 Max - Conclusions

Il Blackview A8 Max it is not a perfect device and, to tell the truth, it presents more than some defects. As the However? On the online store market is at a figure that is around the 80 €. For example, you can buy it on tinydeal a 77,24 €. For those who do not have too many pretensions, therefore, and in everyday life can forgive some deburring, relating for example to notifications, To imperfect connectivity and to a camera poco pretentious, can think of taking this device home.

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