OnePlus withdraws OxygenOS 3.1.1 for OnePlus X immediately after release

It often happens to make some programming mistakes in the software world. Sometimes, however, when the consequences happen they can also be catastrophic, it is perhaps for this reason that OnePlus has withdrawn the last update of OXYGEN for the OnePlus X.

Oneplus X ChampagneOxygenOS 3.1.1, release and withdrawal

About 4 days ago, OnePlus has released the update of OXYGEN per OnePlus X, come to the version 3.1.1 area of community build. Since yesterday, however, if you try to access the page from which download the update, is not reachable and any other attempt to find the update via the company website ends with a failure.

It follows that the company wanted to remove the possibility of having the software downloaded for some reason and the reason seems to be really serious. The site community XDA-developers a lot has been activated on the subject and it seems to have discovered that the reason why OnePlus has withdrawn the update is because in some cases it can bring the device to the brick during or after installation.


A danger really to ward off for any owner of an Android smartphone. But let's see what the changelog of the update in question for the OnePlus X: first of all the possibility was introduced move the apps on the microSD, then the reactivity, speed of response andaccuracy of touch-screen. Improvements were then introduced to the settings ofHFR (high frame rate, or slow motion) during filming and updated security patches, updating them in September. Finally, some known bugs have been fixed.

But despite the resolution of some bugs it seems that some even more serious has been introduced (irony of fate).

Stay tuned if you want to stay up to date on the subject.

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