Huawei and Leica announce a new strategic partnership

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According to the latest news from the Chinese media, Huawei e Leica they announced a further strategic collaboration for the creation of new devices.

The two companies, in particular, will set up a new innovation laboratory for research and development optical systems, computer imaging and devices dedicated to virtual reality (VR) and to the augmented reality (AR).

Huawei p9 plus

Huawei and Leica: new collaboration in sight?

In addition to a collection of resources, Huawei e Leica intend to collaborate with German and international universities and with research and development institutes. The Huawei P9, together with the older brother Huawei P9 Plus, is the first product born of the collaboration between the two brands.

The P9 features a dual rear camera with certified lenses Leica. Obviously, this feature is the main strength of the product and has been so successful that, currently, too Apple use a double camera on7 iPhone Plus.

However, the P9 has a different technology than the one on the last iPhone by 5.5 inches. Naturally, the Chinese company's smartphone has the advantage of working with the German manufacturer Leica who, from 100 years in this part, he designs professional lenses.

The dual rear camera of the Huawei P9 features a dual sensor (RGB + black and white) Of the 12 mega-pixels. The first color sensor allows you to capture more vivid colors while the second black and white sensor captures the light.

Thus, both the quality of the images and that of the details turn out to be very high. According to the latest rumors, the Chinese company is expected to announce its new phablet by the end of this year Huawei Mate 9.

The camera of the upcoming Huawei Mate 9

The latest news from the web indicate that the smartphone could be characterized by a dual rear-facing camera 20 mega-pixels with optical image stabilization. The Mate 9therefore, it could be the second terminal designed in collaboration with Leica. Naturally, we await more information about the next partnership between the two companies.

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