Ulefone Future vs. Elephone P9000 vs UMi Super, the comparison of GizChina


After reviewing them individually, today we compare Future Ulefone vs Elephone P9000 vs UMi Super, three devices belonging to the medium-high band of the Chinese market.

Molto different in 'physical aspect, but practically equal under the hood. Which one will stand out among the 3s? Let's find out together!


Ulefone Future vs. Elephone P9000 vs UMi Super, the comparison of GizChina

Design, Display and Construction Quality


Looking at them from the front we can immediately come our own Future Ulefone looks decidedly like most elegance e premium, effect certainly increased by the presence of a beautiful bezel-less display.


All three devices are equipped with a da 5.5 Full HD Thumbs which are however different from each other. At the same pixel density (PPI 401), Future Ulefone tends to have one more gear.

Leaving the lack of anti-aesthetics frames at the edges, i colors of this terminal result more saturated e vivid of those of its rivals.


In the context we speak of three excellent units, but on Elephone P9000 e UMi Super i contrasts they seemed to us insufficient. Also with regard to the viewing angles, the latter have a Tone even at low angles, especially on black screens.


Above the display, on all 3 devices we find the ear capsule, the brightness and proximity sensors and the front camera.


As for the latter, it turns out to be from 5 mega-pixels su Future Ulefone ed UMi Super and well 8 mega-pixels su Elephone P9000.

Below, however, the solutions adopted by the manufacturers vary between the 3 models. On Future Ulefone the band under the display appears to be empty, since i keys are on the screen.


Su Elephone P9000 there is a configurable soft-touch home button in which the Notification LED.


Su UMi Super there is a key soft-touch which serves itself from Notification LED.


Sul left edge di Elephone e UMi we find it Dual SIM micro slot and a comfortable one key configurable, not present on the Ulefone terminal.


Sul right the Power button and the volume rocker are present in all 3 cases, with the addition on Future of a fingerprint reader, which turns out to be inaccurate e slow in the recognition of the impression.


This sensor is also present on the other two devices, but placed later just below the camera.


Sul upper edge the entrance is allocated mini jack from 3.5 mm on all three terminals.


Below we notice a door USB Type-C, in addition to microphone and all 'speaker of system.


For the part back the stylistic and constructive choice turns out to be different between the three.

Future Ulefone ed UMi Super in fact, they are the most devices premium, thanks to their construction in aluminum. It pays however the consequences the weight, of about 185 grams on both.


Elephone P9000 it is instead made of polycarbonate with a finish Sandstone definitely inspired to that already seen on the devices OnePlus. It follows a weight only 145 grams.


As you have no doubt noticed, on the back there is the camera from 16 mega-pixels on Future and 13 mega-pixels su Super P9000. On all and 3 we find a dual flash LEDs, in addition to autofocus laser on P9000.


Beyond the discourse related to materials, all three turn out to be well solid in hand e free from imperfections. Due to the generous size of the display, theusability in one hand and obviously poco easy. In the case of Future and Super the construction materials certainly don't help, making the two devices very slippery.

Hardware and Performance

As anticipated, on board the three devices we find a I share hardware definitely similar. The processor is present under the hood MediaTek Helio P10 MT6755, octa-core operating at frequency di 1.95 GHz. The GPU it is instead the Mali-T860 operating at the frequency of 700 MHz.

Also from the point of view of the RAM with these three you are not joking, being endowed with ben 4 GB of type L.


Nell 'daily use there are no substantial differences: the fluidity of system is always eccellente and we have not noticed any jamming. Side Gaming obviously we cannot expect miracles from Mali-T860, which allows one good playability but with a frame rate non just highest.


Real Racing 3 it results however perfectly playable. Promoted also the web browsing.

Photographic sector

As listed poco ago, here are the photographic compartments of the 3 devices:

  • Future Ulefone
    • 16 mpx Samsung S5K3P3 - f / 2.0 - autofocus PDAF - dual LED dual tone
    • 5 mpx
  • UMi Super
    • 13 mpx Panasonic MN34152 - f / 2.0 - dual LED dual tone
    • 5 mpx GalaxyCore GC5005
  • Elephone P9000
    • 13 mpx Sony IMX258 - f / 2.0 - autofocus laser - dual LED dual tone
    • 8 mpx OmniVision OV8858


The quality of the returned shots is completely comparable. Enough good la management of the shine and shadows and to the shots at night.

  • Future Ulefone
  • Elephone P9000
  • Super Umi

The shots returned by Super e Future however, they are slightly more balanced e bright compared to those taken with the P9000. Surely the camera isn't one of their strong points, with one evaluation that does not go beyond the 6,5.

1080P Video Test

Audio quality

All three devices, as we have noted, present thespeaker of system placed in the bottom device.


L'audio non It results to be highest, having a quality not really good. They are indeed decidedly poche le frequencies reproduced, which makes the reproduction flat. The worse of the three is definitely Ulefone Future, demonstrating more during the reproduction di video o music.


La reception of the 3 is good, although with Elephone P9000 e UMi Super this was slightly top. Probably the choice of a completely in rear aluminum indeed penalized Future Ulefone.


However, the speed di change of cell è good on all devices, as well as the signal that is kept enough good. Veloce also the passage da 3G / 4G to the network Wi-Fi that has never created problems. We remember the presence area of 20 band da 800 MHz on all the terminals.

Regarding connectivity Wifi full support for the band is present 802.11 a / b / g / n. The three devices are veloci to browse and they take well.

Speaking of satellite navigation, the three behave very well, being with di GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS.


The software on the three is an almost stock version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow with customization MediaTek.


Few are the differences, which are limited to some small ones customizations.

Su UMi ed Elephone the Customization of the Notification LED, configuration of the display buttons, shortcuts or other small settings.



  • Ulefone Future: 3090 mAh
  • Elephone P9000: 3080 mAh
  • UMi Super: 4000 mAh

L'autonomy è average on the first two, with approx 3 / 3: 30 hours di screen in the face of 15 hours of use. Better instead UMi Super traveling between the 4/5 hours di screen, thanks to the most capacious battery.

I charging times they are relatively fast, with around 2 hours to get one full recharge.



So many points in common, but which one to choose?

Personally I would definitely choose Future Ulefone if we talk about design e touch & feel. The bezel-less display with curvature 2.5D and of materials di first-rate they make it my favorite choice.

For the rest it is simply a matter of taste subjective for three devices that are placed in the band Medium-High of the Chinese market and that substantially si behave very good.

The winner? In my opinion there is not, and what do you think?

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