Meizu Smartwatch: new photo shows the metallic back part

Meizu smartwatch

Meizu he would be working on his first smartwatch known until now by the name of Meizu Smartwatch.

Unfortunately we do not have official confirmation of the existence of this new wearable device, but more and more images have emerged in recent weeks.

Meizu logo

Meizu Smartwatch: KJuma shows a new photo of the alleged smartwatch

The last photo on the Meizu Smartwatch comes from the well-known leaker KJuma, posted through his official account of Weibo.

The render, in particular, shows the back of the Meizu Smartwatch. From this it is possible to notice the presence of the Meizu logo engraved on the metal back body. Just like the previously leaked images, the new photo shows the smart device have a classic watch design.

Meizu Smartwatch KJuma

The image of the alleged Meizu Smartwatch shows a frame made of metal and with a leather strap. Again through a recently emerged image, we have confirmed that the device could also come with a metallic strap.

Meizu Smartwatch metal strap

Expected more variants of Meizu's smartwatch

Meizutherefore, he could announce his first one SmartWatch in more variations, including one with leather strap and another metal. Always from the same photo posted by KJuma on Meizu Smartwatch it is possible to notice the presence of two buttons on the right side.

Referring to the size of the hand, we can deduce that the smartwatch will have a fairly small size. Meizu he posted a teaser about 2 weeks it is about a possible announcement of a smartwatch.


A smart watch with a license plate Meizu was exposed last year to 'Hong Kong Electronics Fair, even if it has never been officialized.

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