Blackview announces the opening of an official store on Aliexpress

BlackView, informs us of the opening of one official store on Aliexpress. The company, born in 2013 by the hand Xu Ming and specialized in the creation of devices in the consumer electronics sector, it has distinguished itself over the years for its attention to the needs of its users: this is, in fact, used to launch competitive smartphones at cheap prices.

L'in fact, the company tries to combine quality with economy and, according to the company, all the products of BlackView they are subject to strict tests regarding their performance and assembly. Currently, the product range includes Alife S1, Acme, Omega, Sigma, Ultra, v3, Crown, Arrow, DM550, JK600, JK606 and JK890, all of which have seen the implementation of new technologies at low cost.

Blackview aliexpress

Blackview launches its new virtual store on Aliexpress

Today BlackView informs us about the opening of the new one official store on Aliexpress, the company offers us a series of discounts ranging from 10 to 20% on the various products in stock on the new virtual store. To take advantage of these prices, you simply need to make purchases from 5 at the September 11, period of validity of the promotion.

And what will you do? You will buy from the newborn virtual store BlackView?

Blackview Aliexpress

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