Huawei has an application for the SuperCharge brand

Huawei has submitted an application for a brand concerning a new technology called SuperCharge. This could be the name given to the new technology of quick charging high performance that will come on the next devices.

The Chinese company has shown this technology in the last weeks of the 2015, capable of recharging a battery from 3000 mAh up to about 50% in just 5 minutes.


Huawei designs the new SuperCharge fast charge technology

According to a statement made by Huawei, SuperCharge it would not damage the battery, compared to other solutions quick charging that create damage over time to the battery.

The use of fast charging has now become a feature much used in smartphones marketed since last year. This is because the latest devices produced on the market come with batteries with generous capacities.

With a fast-charge technology, every user saves a lot of time compared to the different hours that they would normally need. Recharge a battery from 3500 mAh with a charger from 5V / 0.5A it would be a business, even using a charger from 2.1A.

huawei logo

Several companies have introduced their fast charging solutions, such as OnePlus with her Dash Charge (5V / 4A). These technologies are based on increasing the voltage and current supplied to the smartphone in order to speed up the recharge.

However, the faster the battery is recharged, the greater the heat product (the latter, as we know, is an enemy of batteries).

Technology SuperCharge di Huawei would use a technique different from those on the market. One of the common problems nowadays is battery life, which is not much.

Some smartphones can guarantee one day of use, while others can hardly come to lunch with heavy use. Adding a technology of quick charging able to recharge the battery in one short time frame, it would certainly be a very welcome feature by users.

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