Xiaomi Yi Camera II 4K, the review of GizChina.it

Xiaomi Yi Camera II 4K

Anyone nowadays would like to spend poco and have a lot especially in the field of high-tech devices. Xiaomi has always supported this philosophy by presenting high quality products within everyone's reach.

After the success of his first Action-Cam, Xiaomi Yi Camera, over the past year the company presented this year the evolved and improved version of this device, we are talking about the Xiaomi Yi Room II 4K.


From the name we already understand a lot, for an action-cam that offers us the possibility of having an excellent quality / price compromise. New design, new sensor, stabilized... in short, to try!

Let's find out together in our full review!

Xiaomi Yi Camera II 4K, the Review of GizChina.it

Packaging and Accessories

La package of sale of this Yi Room II 4K It is definitely basic. The box It is classic and made of cardboard White color, on which we note some technical characteristics ofAction-Cam, in addition to the name and an illustration.

Inside we obviously find the Yi Camera II accompanied by one battery, for an cable for charging and manuals in English.


Sales package decidedly bare, but that is sufficient for everyday use.

Design and Construction

Once the package is opened, the first difference with the model of last year, the design. In fact this Yi Room II 4K changes clothes, losing any resemblance to his rival GoPro.


The dimensions pass to 65 x 42 x 21 mm di thickness with weight, battery included, of only 95 gr.

La constructive quality it really turns out enviable and, despite being realized all in polycarbonate, appears solid and well done. No problem even for thehandle which is comfortable even without using accessories.


Accessories that unfortunately change from the previous generation, losing compatibility with GoPro. However it remains the convenient thread da 1/4 for the tripod at the bottom of theAction-Cam.


From the front on this Yi 4K Room we find the slow block, composed of a octave a 7 items and a sensor Sony CMOS by well 12 Mega-pixel. Optics also very bright, ensuring a F / 2.8 and a amplitude overview of ben 155°. A comfortable is also present near the lens block LED RGB which signals us the various states of activity of ours Yi Chamber.


Superiorly we find the key Ignition / Rec with Status LED, double microphone el 'speaker. Double microphone that guarantees a greater number of recorded audio frequencies and a clean audio.


Sul left edge there is no door while on the right we find the Micro-Usb port for data transfer. Door that appears to be protected by a small one flap made of plastic material.


The most comfortable stands out from the back Display da 2,19 "inches with Touch screen for the convenience navigation within the various menu. The panel is called "retina" from the same company for the extraordinary pixel density of well- PPI 330.


Belowas already mentioned, the thread to connect this Yi 4K to a tripod and the containing compartment Battery e Micro-Sd.

Technical Specifications

La Xiaomi Yi Camera 4K is equipped with a Ambarella A9SE processor based on ARM - Dual Cortex-A9 da 1 GHz. The CPU it is also characterized by a productive process a 28 nm.

This processor allows, together with the sensor CMOS di Sony IMX 377, to register until the resolution of 3840 2160 pixels x (4K). It is also possible to record videos a 2.5K a 25 fpsin Full HD to 100 fps e slow-motion to 240 fps.

Il sensor installed, as already mentioned, is the brand new Sony IMX 377 which guarantees shots up to 12 mega-pixels.

Chicca of goodies on this Yi 4K it is the system of video stabilization at 6 Gyroscopes, which allows fluid videos e stabilized in any condition.

As already mentioned, there is also an excellent present Touch Screen da 2,19" inches from ben PPI 330.

Finally, the WiFi with support to bands da 2.4 and 5.8 GHz to interface with ours smartphone.


On board this Yi 4K Room we find one fast software ed intuitive even if completely in language English. It will be possible to navigate easily between the various menus and sub-menus with the practical we talked about poco does.


In the menu we will find the possibility to choose between various mode shutter: Photo, Video, Time-Lapse, Slow-Motion etc.


The resolutions and the settings of photos and videos are entirely editable e customizable.

It is for example possible to change the values ​​of exposure, exposure measurement e white balance when we take our photographs.

Being equipped with Wifi, this Yi 4K Room it will be able to interface with ours smartphone through the application Yi Action.


Application that will allow us to precisely handle our Xiaomi Yi Camera II 4K completely remotely. It will also be possible to change the settings and shooting modes directly from our device quickly and easily.


Later, if necessary, we could download our photo and ours video on our smartphone but in slightly reduced quality for obvious reasons of transfer.

Video and Photo Quality

La quality of the shots is excellent, demonstrating the goodness of the sensor mounted by this Action-Cam. photo they always turn out to be bright and do not suffer from particular noise even at night.

Excellent also there registration some video which, as anticipated, appear to be stabilized and almost exempt from the famous effect "Fish Eye".

Try Video in 4K

Despite this on paper Xiaomi Yi Camera II 4K can record videos in 4K a 30 fps it can actually be set maximum a 25 fps. Below the Video Demo which will also give you the opportunity to evaluate the soundness of the audio thanks to the double microphone.


Continuously recording at the highest resolution, 3840 2160 pixels x (4K) I must admit that the manufacturer's data have been respected. Indeed, the battery da 1400 mah can guarantee us around 2h di autonomy. Obviously the results obtained are a Wifi off and they are destined to decrease a little in case we decide to activate it.


So the autonomy is excellent, which is attested on results much better than his rival GoPro Hero 4.


La war a GoPro it's officially open, this year we are here! This Xiaomi Yi Camera II 4K has all the cards in regulationto excel in this challenge between Action-Cam.


Excellent in almost all and practically free of heels of Achilles I definitely recommend it. Fantastic la quality of photos and videos, excellent la stabilization e autonomy from before the class .. in short at this price ..convincing!

And what do you think? Will you buy it?

La Xiaomi Yi Camera II 4K is available for purchase on GearBest at the price of 220.97 €.

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