Xiaomi Redmi 3S, the full review of GizChina.it


After analyzing the redmi 3, the Redmi Note 3 and Notes redmi 3 Pro, this time it is the turn of the Xiaomi Redmi 3S.

Medium-low-end hardware in a device body high-end: but how will he behave? Let's find out its true value in ours Full review!


Lo Xiaomi Redmi 3S It is available for purchase on the Italian store TopResellerStore at a price of 159 €.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S, the full review of GizChina.it

Xiaomi Redmi 3S - Unboxing

The sales package is not worthy of particular praise, it turns out to be bare as tradition Xiaomi. Inside we find:

  • Xiaomi Redmi 3S;
  • wall charger with 5V 2A output;
  • micro USB cable;
  • manuals varies in Chinese;
  • pin for SIM removal.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S - Design and Materials


Holding this in hand redmi 3S we find ourselves displaced by its realization. In fact, it is a decidedly atypical construction (in a positive sense) for its price range that sees the magnesium alloy as a protagonist. One result pleasantness particolare to the touch but also a great propensity to the effect "soap".

The dimensions that characterize it make it really easy to use with one hand, with 139.3 x 69.6 x 8.5 mm thick in a weight of suns 144 grams.

This device is not characterized by a particularly sophisticated design, but follows the aesthetic lines that ultimately represent the medium-low end devices of the Chinese brand.


Frontally we find a display from 5 inches IPS HD, covered by a glass with a excellent oleophobic treatment.

On the lower edge we find the 3 soft-touch keys programmable, unfortunately not backlit, a lack that is felt particularly in environments without the right lighting.

The baby is very comfortable RGB notification LED placed just below the central Home button, to notify us of our notifications even when the display is off.


The camera from above is housed 5 mega-pixels, the ear capsule and the brightness and proximity sensors. The latter in particular is slightly lazy, slowing the reactivation of the display once a call has ended.


On the slightly rounded right side of the device, we note the Power button and the volume rocker. Both turn out to be really tight on the phone body.


On the left instead we find only the slot trolley dual Micro SIM or single Micro SIM e micro SD to expand the internal memory.

Below we find the micro USB port for charging and data transfer and the first system microphone.


Superiorly we observe the classic mini jack input from 3.5 mm, the IR port and the second microphone.


The rear is characterized by a magnesium alloy surface, interrupted at the two plastic ends (upper and lower) at the antennas of the device.


Embedded in the upper band we find the camera from 13 mega-pixels with LED flash.


In the lower band the eye-catching system speaker stands out, however it is placed in a very uncomfortable position which makes the audio muffled if it is placed on a surface. The small increase inserted is useless, which is not enough to fulfill the task assigned to it.


As you may have already noticed this Xiaomi Redmi 3S is equipped with fingerprint reader. For the price range we are talking about we can not be satisfied: the release is almost lightning with an average of 7 unlock on 10.


Xiaomi Redmi 3S - Display

As anticipated the display is a 5 inch IPS HD 1280 x 720 pixels and a density of PPI 294. Overall it turned out to be aexcellent unit with a faithful color reproduction and one high brightness which favors its use even in direct sunlight.


- viewing angles they are average for an IPS panel and we have not noticed any kind of color change during the use of my contents.

There is also the possibility to fine tune the display going to change the parameters di color temperature e contrast.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S - Hardware and performance


On board this redmi 3S we opted for an economical but winning solution.

In fact, we find a Qualcomm CPU Snapdragon 430, for an octa-core with production process of 28 nm with 2 clusters: 4 x 1.4 GHz A53 + 4 x 1.1 GHz A53. The GPU is there Adreno 505, Flanked by 2 GB 3 MHz LPDDR800.

We are certainly not talking about a free terminal slowdowns o jamming, but we still get acceptable performances even in the sessions of Gaming. For example Real Racing, which is quite slow to start, then runs with a fairly high frame rate albeit with decidedly low details.

La Web browsing it does not create problems, perhaps it is slightly slow but still promoted both with the MIUI Browser and with Google Chrome.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S - Antutu Benchmark

Xiaomi Redmi 3S - Software


To move this Redmi 3S thinks about it MIUI 7.5 (7.3 under review), based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

L'user interface is the classic Chinese company, rich in options ed settings to personalize it to the fullest. However, there are never substantial differences between the various updates or between the versions present on different devices.


It should be remembered that since it is an import device, some small precautions will be necessary at the first start. First of all we will have to install the Play Store and all Google Apps, then enable i permissions of the app to avoid the loss of notifications from our messaging applications.

At the moment the stable version is only available in language English e Chinese, not enough obstacle in our opinion to reject this device. The menus are rich and complete with a truly captivating graphic design. I personally appreciated being able to manage the functions of the soft touch keys o customize the notification LED.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S - Camera


The photographic department is entrusted behind a sensor from 13 mega-pixels with opening f / 2.0, capable of excellent shots in almost all environmental situations.

Ottimo is the color balance even in the most difficult situations with shots much higher quality than we could expect from a device in this price range. Also corrected exposure management and the focus is almost fulminating PDAF. Obviously once the lighting conditions are not favorable we will notice some noise surface in the shots.

Also promoted the internal camera from 5 mega-pixels.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S - HD Video Test

Xiaomi Redmi 3S - Audio


L'audio of this device from the speaker is average, with good volume but not clean. The sound turns out to be a bit flat, with almost non-existent bass. As anticipated, the position does not allow a good use once placed on a sound-absorbing surface. Good audio in capsule which is greatly helped by the excellent reception of the device.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S - Connectivity

Indeed, the Xiaomi Redmi 3S takes very well both in 3G / 4G with LTE Cat.6 (absent the 20 band), resulting very fast in the cell exchange.

However, the sensor GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS it is quite slow and imprecise, very often really unusable.

No problem regarding the connection Bluetooth 4.1 and 802.11 Wi-Fi b / g / n. To be noted the presence of the IR sensor with which to control the various electronic devices.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S - Autonomy

Nothing to say aboutautonomy of this device. Once again the choice of a processor mow poco energivorous, combined with a large battery from 4100 mAh it was a winning choice.


Mine stress day ended with still around the 20% of residual autonomy and a very intense use consisting of emails, social networks, messaging apps and several calls.

Xiaomi Redmi 3S - Conclusions

In light of all this, we definitely feel we can recommend this device, with a rapporto qualità / prezzo It is very inviting.

Xiaomi is synonymous with quality, and the certainty that in the next updates this device may reserve us pleasant surprises is almost mathematical.

And you will buy it? Let us know in the comments!

Lo Xiaomi Redmi 3S It is available for purchase on the Italian store TopResellerStore at a price of 159 €.