Xiaomi Mi Note 2: announcement planned for the 25 July?

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

In the last weeks have been leaked numerous information on the next top of the range targati Xiaomi, or lo Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

However, an announcement / launch date had not yet been revealed. Thanks to new rumors from the China, However, Xiaomi could just announce the new phablet il 25 July.


Xiaomi Mi Note 2: the phablet is getting closer!

Xiaomi seems to have already released some cryptic details on the My Notes 2, including the recent teaser which indicated "2> 5". The teaser could imply various things: first of all a sort of equation "Xiaomi Mi Note 2> Xiaomi Mi 5".

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 teaser

Another option would be the number 7, obtained from the sum of 2 + 5, and the 25. By putting these two numbers together we have, as a result, the 25 July.

Another reason that confirms this month as the launch period of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 concerns a past comment made by the company's co-founder Lin Bin.

Xiaomi Mi3 Snapdragon 800

binin particular, he said that the company would release a top of the range in the month of July, Then the My Notes 2 it might be the most reliable. Taking all this information into consideration, we can expect the new phablet of the series Mi Note officially presented the 25 July.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed at this time, so we are waiting for official information.

xiaomi notes me 2

According to the latest rumors, the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 it should be it more powerful smartphone never announced until now. The device could include a display from 5.7 inches diagonal, 6 GB of RAM and one Snapdragon 820/21 at a price of 2.499 yuan (About 338 € at the current exchange rate).

Other rumors indicated that the company could launch a variant with dual rear camera e dual-edge display.

Xiaomi Logo

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