Assuming that, personally, beyond the pure technical specifications, I choose to buy a smartphone for its design, it is difficult not to be fascinated byFuture Ulefone.

With the display switched off nothing leaves the scenographic to presage bezel-less display that easily captures the curiosity of the observer. Yes, the unsightly black frames around the perimeter of the display there are, greatly improving the design and making this smartphone, in my opinion, really nice!

L'Future Ulefone is not characterized only by this technical-stylistic choice of the producer, but it is also a device of substance, so you just have to find out by continuing to read our Full review.

Ulefone Future, the complete review of

Future Ulefone

Ulefone Future - Unboxing

The sales box ofFuture Ulefone comes in an elegant black color, with the name of the gold-colored device.

Future Ulefone

Inside we find the following equipment:

  • Ulefone Future;
  • charger with European socket from 5 / 7 / 9V 2A and 12V 1.5A;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • transparent cover soft silicone;
  • transparent film for the protection of the (in addition to the one already applied);
  • micro USB / USB Type-C mini adapter;
  • manuals in English.

They are not present in the package headphones, being currently the smartphone in pre-sale phase. We do not know if they will be included in the sales box officially destined to the market.

Ulefone Future - Design and build quality

Under the constructive profile we are facing a truly device well done. In fact, we find a body u in alloy of magnesium / aluminum, finely worked.

On the front, when the display is off, the device is substantially completely black in color; it also adopts a glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with an accentuation curl 2.5D on the edges capable of giving greater prominence to bezel-less display da 5.5 inches of diagonal.

Future Ulefone

Il touch and feel provided by Future Ulefone it's really premium under every point of view. Among other things, the lateral curvatures to the body guarantee a better grip how much you hold the smartphone in your hand.

Despite the rather substantial declared weight of 185 grams, the same is well balanced. The dimensions, merit of the bezel-less display, I'm from 151.5 x 73.5 x 8.6 mm thick.

Future Ulefone

Excellent, as mentioned at the beginning, the construction of the smartphone from every point of view, returning a feeling of extreme solidity.

On the right side, the Power button, the volume rocker and the side fingerprint reader. On the left, however, we find the dual SIM slot.

Below are the system speaker, the entrance USB Type-C and main microphone, while above we find the entrance mini jack from 3.5 mm.

Posteriorly, in the upper left, there is the main camera, surrounded by a square golden frame, and next to the flash type dual LED dual tone.

Future Ulefone

Frontally the design, particularly clean, provides for the three software keys integrated into the display. The same, as we will see later in the analysis of the software, can be customized.

Future Ulefone

On the upper front, on the other hand, the front camera, the brightness / proximity sensor and a Notification LED, not customizable.

Future Ulefone

Ulefone Future - Fingerprint reader

As we said, theFuture Ulefone integrates a fingerprint reader lateral. Currently, however, it does not seem to be much optimized yet.

In fact, even if the registration procedure is carried out correctly and several times, the impression is detected approximately 2 times on 10. Considering that this is a very low result, at the cost of repeating, we impute this problem to a ROM that is not yet definitive.

Future Ulefone

Ulefone Future - Display

The display is the real gem and one of the strengths of this smartphone. We find ourselves in front of a unit from 5.5 inches diagonal with resolution Full HD 1920 x 10800 pixels e 401 PPI.

The anti-aesthetics are completely absent along the entire profile of the display black frames.

Future Ulefone

Excellent color rendering with very bright colors that for absurd they could make to think to a display of type AMOLED rather than one IPS LCD. Also there maximum brightness results very high, allowing in the daily use to calibrate it in half without any problem whatsoever.

Il touch a 10 simultaneous touchesmoreover, it is always ready and very reactive in every condition. Good theoleofobicità of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 adopted, as well as the reflectivity even under direct sunlight.

Given that I am a lover of AMOLED displays, I appreciated the display calibration with particularly charged colors. However, within the settings, there is the classic menu Miravision which allows you to adjust the display according to your preferences.

Future Ulefone

Excellent viewing angles really very large. It should be noted that, despite the presence of a bezel-less display, no details are implemented Features o gestures along the edges of the display. We do not know if the same can be present in the definitive ROM once the device has been marketed.

Future Ulefone

Ulefone Future - Hardware and Performance

Also the hardware sector of Future Ulefone does not disappoint. On board the device, in fact, we find a SoC MediaTek MT6755, built with a production process at 28 nm. The CPU, a octa-core with architecture a 64 bit ARMv8, has eight-core Cortex-A53 with clock a 1.95 GHz.

I benchmarking return values ​​from device mid-range. Despite everything, thanks to the large amount of RAM available on board, they are not present lag e jamming, both during daily use and in situations of greater stress.

The graphics sector relies on the ARM GPU Mali-T860 MP2 da 700 MHz, which guarantees excellent sessions of Gaming. Performance is more than satisfactory even with challenging games like Real Racing 3 and Asphalt 8. Furthermore, the experience still results more rewarding thanks to the frameless display, able to guarantee a real full immersion during the game phases.

Future Ulefone makes available to users well 4 GB di RAM of type LPDDR3 single channel from 933 MHz32 GB di internal memory, expandable through micro SD to 128 GB.

Regarding the web browsing, is present within the ROM installed a browser without particular customizations, but with good functioning. Despite this, our advice is always to rely on Google Chrome, reliable and always very responsive in web browsing in any condition of use.

We have not encountered any problems of the sort video playback, though there is no support for 2K files.

Ulefone Future - AnTuTu Benchmark

youtube player

Ulefone Future - Photographic Compartment

Moving to the multimedia sector, and more specifically to that photographic, on the back we find a main camera with sensor Samsung S5K3P3 da 16 mega-pixels with focal opening f / 2.0 and autofocus PDAF.

In favorable light conditions the quality è pretty good. There are some limits in exposure, partly offset by the use of the method HDR.

The interface app camera is that stock Mediatek, although they are present more parameters to intervene for the various shooting conditions. We find the possibility, for example, of being able to choose the scene is automatically that through gods presetor you can set theISO so manual o automatic.

The sensor, of origin Samsung, works quite well especially if considered the price range. Moreover, since the software on board is a non-definitive version, it is likely that some will be possible improvements in quality of the photographic shots obtained. The zoominstead, the digital type stops at 4X of magnification.

On the front, as shown in the description of the device, we find a camera with a sensor Samsung S5K5E2 5 mega-pixels. The shots taken during the day and in conditions of good overall brightness result more than good. Unfortunately, with the decline of light, therefore, in night conditions is also sudden decline in quality.

Ulefone Future - 1080p Video Test

Videos are recorded in resolution Full HD a 30 fps. The quality overall can be considered good. Also acceptable stabilization, although it is digital. Good also the quality of recorded audio, as well as adaptation to light changes.

Note not particularly positive concerns the focus during subject changes. It turns out rather slow and it is often necessary to intervene manually. Since the device is equipped with a non-definitive firmware, we imagine that there are the conditions for fixing this problem.

youtube player

Ulefone Future - Audio

Excellent choice of the manufacturer speaker placement of system along the profile lower. The audio results rather well balanced; while regarding the maximum volume results not particularly high for the use of multimedia content that is not for the notification of messages and calls.

Different thelistening in headphonesdefinitely more pleasant and with a maximum volume higher. Moreover it is possible to take advantage of a equalizer be customizable as usable with some curve equalization already preset.

Future Ulefone

As for the audio of the telephone division, the output of the headset capsule it is very good, as well as the tone and the listening volume.

Ulefone Future - Connectivity

L'Future Ulefone presents the support in dual SIM stand-by with support to 4G LTE Cat.6 and Volta.

In terms of the supported bands, although it is a device not directly marketed in our country, it is present support for the band da 800 MHz.

Connections are also present 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n Dual Band e Bluetooth 4.0, both very reliable. The GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS, as far as satellite navigation is concerned, it is not lightning-fast in catching the signal but stable in reception.

Present the FM radio.

Ulefone Future - Software

From the software point of view we find one ROM practically stock based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Given that the device in our possession is a sample of pre-production, we believe that the current release is not the definitive marketing.

Beyond this evaluation, the system really is very fluid and especially reactive even in the transition from one app to another. Pleasant in everyday use, the terminal he always responded quickly to every operation and we did not find system crashes and / or imputations.

Present at the level of customizations the ability to manage the positioning of the keys on display Home, back e multitasking, in addition to being able to add the useful button that allows you to lower and raise the notification curtain. It is also possible to make the whole one bar of the keys software disappears automatically. 

Present the option to activate the Volta and Turbo Download, able to increase the download speed through theaggregation of the connection Wi-Fi e Data.


Whereas Future Ulefone offers reader di fingerprints to unlock the device safely there is a ad hoc menu for the configuration of the same.

Future Ulefone

Ulefone Future - Autonomy

Ulefone has decided to rely on Sony for the realization of the battery of his smartphone. On board we find a unit from 3000 mAh, capable of supporting fast charging through the battery charger supplied by 5 / 7 / 9V 2A or 12V 1.5A. For the full charge of the battery are needed approx 1 hours e 30 minutes, while already in about 18 minutes it is possible to reach the 20% of charge.

Although compared to other smartphones on the market may seem not many, the 3000 mAh can cover a day with average use, all this having the foresight to set the brightness al 50 / 60% of the maximum.

With regard to the active screen hours we have reached an average of about 4 hours of active screen; we reserve a final evaluation of this result when the device will receive its final software.

Ulefone Future - Photo Gallery

Ulefone Future - Complete Video Review

Ulefone Future - Conclusions

We have come to conclusions for this interesting Future Ulefone.

Certainly we promote this device: starting from the stupendous bezel-less display, continuing with the constructive quality and overall operation. Needless to deny some imperfections of youth especially on the software front.

We hope that the manufacturer can make the necessary optimizations to this smartphone, which already looks like a purchase very interesting. If you are willing to make it yours and enjoy its spectacular display, Future Ulefone is available at the price of 194.45 on the online store GearBest with the coupon code FutureGB.