Meizu PRO 5: first ROM ResurrectionRemix M with MarshMallow!

Meizu Pro 5

Owners of Meizu PRO 5 they complained a long time poor possibility of modding on your terminal but, in the last months, qualcosa it seems to be there moving and for the "old" but still excellent top of the range home Meizu, today, has been released on XDA a first one ROM unofficial with Marshmallow: the ResurrectionRemix M v5.7.0!

The first ROM with MarshMallow for Meizu PRO 5

Un Russian developer, faust93, has published one first version of this ROM which, at the moment, presents numerous bugs and, it must be said, it may not be usable foruse daily but still represents one first important step.

Meizu PRO 5 ResurrectionRemix M

La ResurrectionRemix M combines all the features of the ROM CyanogenMod 12 e AICP (Android Ice Cold Project), including the gesture el 'HIFI switcher.

This first version developed for Meizu PRO 5at the moment he sees does not work l'authentication, with the fingerprint sensor, through the Google APIs (function introduced by Marshmallow), the GPSd, L 'stereo sound sent via Bluetooth distorts and there are also problems of radio instability.

The list of bugs, present is probably still updating as the ROM has been released in his first version just this morning.

Where to download ResurrectionRemix M v5.7.0

For the download, installation information and eventual restore ROM stock we invite you to visit the page on XDA to the following link.

WARNING: GizChina assumes no responsibility for damages derived frominstallation and by 'use area of ROM ResurrectionRemix M v5.7.0 for the Meizu PRO 5.

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