Meizu MX6: technical focus on the rear camera

Meizu yesterday officially presented his latest smartphone, called Meizu MX6. The camera seems by far the most interesting feature of the new device of the Chinese company.

Il Meizu MX6 it is in fact the first smartphone to be equipped with the brand new sensor Sony IMX386 and mounts a customized optical compartment created in collaboration with Meizu same.

Meizu MX6: let's do some clarity on the rear camera!

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The main camera of the Meizu MX6 and from 12 mega-pixels and the sensor has a pixel size of 1.25 micron. The customized optical group is then with six lenses (6P) with focal aperture f / 2.0. There is a quick system of PDAF focus.

Bai YongxiangCEO Meizu, also stated that the Meizu MX6 exceeds the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 in terms of shutter speed. Based on these technical specifications, the photographic sector of smartphones Meizu it has been greatly improved.

Recall that the sensor series Sony CMOS IMX includes several popular models (those of the family are particularly widespread IMX220 / 230 / 240), used by numerous smartphone manufacturers and considered by many to be among the best available on the market.

Meizu MX6 focus rear camera

Both Meizu MX4 and MX5 they are equipped with the sensor Sony IMX220. The company has therefore decided to take a decisive step forward with its latest device. The Sony IMX386 it can in fact be considered an updated version of the IMX286 version that we find on the P9.

Sony IMX386: specifications compared

As for technical specifications, the latter two CMOS sensors di Sony they are not very different. In fact, both chips are from 12 mega-pixels with pixels from 1.25 micron.

Meizu MX6 focus rear camera

Huawei P9 has, however, aaperture f / 2.2 while the Meizu MX6 has an opening of f / 2.0.

At this point the less experienced could question the real meaning of these specifications.

The focal aperture determines the amount of light that passes through the lens. The value f to indicate the size of the opening: as the number decreases, the light that can pass increases. In the case of the Meizu MX6 a 'focal aperture f / 2.0 to guarantee a better result.

Meizu MX6 focus rear camera

Many of you will surely remember that the Meizu PRO 6 mounts a main camera from 21 mega-pixels, while both MX4 and MX5 had a 20.7 mega-pixels.

Fortunately, a decrease in the number of pixels does not necessarily lead to lower quality shots. With the same surface area, in fact, a lower density of pixels implies a greater size of the same. Larger pixels, in turn, are particularly suitable in low light conditions and reduce crosstalking effects.

According to the first analyzes carried out on the last device of the MX family, moreover, the sensor from 12 mega-pixels allows you to better use the technology of optical image stabilization (OIS).

Meizu MX6 focus rear camera

Meizu MX6 vs MX5

Comparing the shots of Meizu MX6 with those of MX5, we note that the latter can offer faithful colors and a better overall brightness.

Meizu MX6 focus rear camera

Meizu MX6, on the other hand, manages to have a rapid focus thanks to the technology of autofocus PDAF.

The Chinese manufacturer, in particular, has used different optimization algorithms to make the focus as fast as possible (0.3 seconds).

Compared to the classic autofocus, the PDAF technology It can effectively reduce the workload on the processor and camera, and thus greatly improve the focusing speed.

Meizu MX6 focus rear camera

The Meizu MX6 finally has an optical system with design 6P. The latter allows to improve the quality by reducing the glow effect.

Meizu MX6 focus rear camera

The main role of the optical group to 6 elements is to avoid the optical aberrations that could occur during the most difficult shots, such as in the presence of a glare of light or the zoom effect.

While using a blue antireflective glass, eg, however, parasitic reflections may occur and are dispersed into the lens.

Meizu MX6 focus rear camera

A 6P optical group is designed to reduce this effect so as to ensure more natural and clear shots.

What do you think of the camera of the Meizu MX6?

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