Lenuo Quick Charge 3.0 charger, the full review

Lenuo Quick Charge 3.0

During the MWC 2016 we have seen many new devices equipped with the latest fast charging standard of Qualcomm, Quick Charge 3.0, and as always there are many producers who have tried to create products that can guarantee this standard, among which Lenuo.

Today we analyze a wall power supply made by Lenuo, Chinese brand whose distribution in Italy is entrusted to The Amazon and its logistics centers; therefore, we find in our review some more details about the loader Quick Charge 3.0 di Lenuo.

Lenuo Quick Charge Charger 3.0 - Sales package and specifications


In simple hardcover is the sales package in which the device will arrive. In fact, inside, we find only:

  • 3.0 Quick Charge power supply;
  • USB data cable - micro USB;
  • brochure.

On the packagemoreover, i technical data of the power supply, in particular:

  • INPUT: 100-240V AC50 / 60HZ 0.5A;
  • OUTPUT: Quick Charger 3.0; 3.6-6.5V 3.0A; 6.5-9.0V 2A; 9.0-12V 1.5A.

Lenuo Quick Charge 3.0 - Design and construction


Very compact, unlike others, it is this power supply made by Lenuo; the Chinese company has built the device with a body entirely in opaque polycarbonate, with a good feel to the touch, different from other glossy varnished loaders.

The outlet, of course, is European and is suitable for ours electrical installations. On the opposite side, however, we find a USB input to which we can connect or the USB cable provided or, possibly, a USB TypeC cable (as in our case with the Zuk Z2 Pro) standard in our possession.

Lenuo Quick Charge 3.0 - Data on use


Thanks to the charging standard Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 of which it is the Snapdragon 820 di Zuk Z2 Pro, as well as the power supply itself, are equipped, the times of a complete recharge are significantly reduced.

Keeping in mind i 18 of maximum power supplied by the power supply Lenuo, to complete a full recharge of the smartphone used, in our case Zuk Z2 Pro, we spent about 1 now and 30 minutes.

The recharge phase from 0 a 90%, as happened in the past with other tests, is undoubtedly the fastest occupying around 1 now and 5 minute of the entire charging process, while the remainder 10% it is reloaded much slower, with times that vary from 20 25 in minutes.

The charger temperatures are average when using smartphones that support the Quick Charge 3.0, while they tend to diminish decisively if they recharge older devices that are not compatible with the QC 3.0.

Lenuo Quick Charge 3.0 - Photo Gallery

Lenuo Quick Charge 3.0 - Final considerations

In conclusion, the product analyzed turned out to be a good purchase, managing to guarantee rather good charging times as well as being in possession of an excellent quality-price ratio.

The device can be purchased on The Amazon at the price of 10.99 EURo.