Gionee M6: the VP confirms the presence of the Security Chip

Gionee Security Chip smartphone

A recent rumors revealed that G will soon launch a new smartphone named Gionee M6.

An indiscretion attached to the device reported that the terminal could incorporate a security chip inside of.

The company had claimed that this processor should make the device one of the safest smartphones ever since it all happens a hardware level and not software.

Gionee M6: confirmed the security chip inside

An encryption chip inside a smartphone is certainly not new. Applefor example, he always incorporated cryptographic chips in his iPhone to make data access difficult in situations of theft o loss.

Gionee M6 TENAA

Apple owns its own named hardware security measure Secure Enclave, which is a CPU separate from the last processors starting fromA7.

This SoC has the task to carry out some encryption operations and manage biometric data on the iPhone.

Apart from theCupertino company, most of the smartphones on the market have one or more forms of security encryption, but unfortunately everything happens at the software level.

Gionee M6 TENAA

Lo fingerprint scannersfor example, once exceeded, it can not protect data.

Gionee gets ready to launch his new one G M6 il 26 July. The smartphone should include a security chip which will aim to better protect the personal data of the user present on the terminal.

Although the company has yet to release detailed technical specifications of theM6we know that the idea behind this product will be hardware encryption.

A recent sketch leaked on Weibo he had shown the presence of a third chipset that was next to the CPU and GPU.

Gionee M6 TENAA

The vice president of G, Yu Lei, confirmed that the Gionee M6 it will be characterized by a security chip. According to VP, the operation of hardware coding it is performed by the security chip, so the processor will not have to perform any task.

Cryptography based on softwareinstead, it takes place in the operating system, so it has more risks of being overtaken.

However, attention seems to have shifted to creating new, more efficient forms of protection against i computer thefts and other threats to user security, whether online or off-line.

Gionee M6 TENAA

Despite the various security measures present both on iOS that of Android, both operating systems have recently adopted further precautions to ensure greater protection of their data.

Google has recently integrated Samsung Knox and used TrustZone di ARM to increase the security features in Android smartphones.

In addition to Apple e Google, a series of new devices Android ultra safe debut in the market recently, such as the Turing Phone or the Blackphone di Silent Circle.

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