Doogee X5 Max, the full review of

As you well know, the world of smartphones low-cost it is always wider and for this reason it is necessary to enclose the devices within some sub-categories. In fact, we can find the camera-phones, the devices that point all on the design or the competitive hardware sector and finally we find the battery-phone.

In this regard, today we will analyze a smartphone belonging to the latter category, we are talking about the Doogee X5 Max, which can boast of a unit of well 4000 mAh.

But will this device fail to disappoint expectations? Let's find out together in our full review!

Doogee X5 Max, the full review of

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Doogee X5 Max - Retail packaging

The sales box is made of hardcover and is very simple, essential and compact. In fact, inside it we find:

  • Doogee X5 Max with plastic protective film already applied;
  • wall charger from 1A, with USB input and European socket;
  • USB data cable - micro USB;
  • quick instruction manuals.

Doogee X5 Max - Design and materials

That the Doogee X5 Max be a terminal ultra low-cost it is understood above all from the materials. In fact, this device was built entirely with materials plastic and with a perimeter frame apparently made of aluminum. Despite everything it turns out to be compact e well assembled.

Speaking of ergonomics, the terminal is quite often e heavy. In fact, it has the dimensions of 154 x 77.1 x 9.9 millimeters for a weight of 168 grams. However it is quite handy, even if it is a nice brick to carry around.

On the back lies the removable plastic back cover, fingerprint reader and the main camera accompanied by the single flash LED.

Doogee X5 Max

As for the perimeter profiles, at the bottom we can see two grids occupied by the microphone and the system speaker. On the top there is the 3.5 mm mini jack flanked by the micro USB input.

On the right side we can find the Power button and the volume rocker, while the left profile is completely clean.

Frontally there is the ear capsule, the secondary camera, the brightness and proximity sensor and finally, three soft-touch keys not backlit and without vibration. We also report the absence of the notification LED.

Doogee X5 Max

Doogee X5 Max - Display

The display of the Doogee X5 Max it is a unit IPS da 5 inches diagonal with resolution HD 1280 x 720 and a pixel density of PPI 294.

Doogee X5 Max

THEviewing angle and color rendering they are pretty good, except as far as the blacks they turn out to be poco intense and slightly grayish.

Also the color calibration it is good, but if you are not particularly satisfied, it can be changed with the classic option Miravision available on terminals with SoC MediaTek.

La maximum brightness it is enough, even if under the direct sunlight it is a bit 'hard to use the smartphone. However, the brightness sensor performs its work adequately without particular criticism.

Il received an insufficient oleophobic treatment. Finally, a negative note also regarding the touch screen, which is able to detect only a maximum of 2 touches. All this affects daily use, as it is slowing down many fundamental operations such as writing and scrolling.

Doogee X5 Max - Hardware and performance

Aboard Doogee X5 Max we find a chipset MediaTek MT6580. We are talking about a processor quad-core with architecture 32 bit ARMv7 Cortex-A7 and clock frequency of 1.3 GHz.

To complete the hardware equipment we think an ARM GPU Mali-400 MP1, 1 GB di RAM e 8 GB di internal memory expandable via Micro SD to 32 GB.

Overall the smartphone is fairly fluid and by calculating the price range and available RAM, we can not expect more.

However, the hardware compartment is sufficient for one basic use smartphone, then for telephony, navigation and social networks. For more elaborate operations, of course, everything becomes more complicated, unless you are armed with good patience.

As regards the Gaming, the device can run more demanding games like Asphalt 8 o Real Racing 3. To do this, the details have inevitably been reduced, but remember that it is always possible to improve everything through the settings.

During this type of operation, the smartphone warm up at the top, at the height of the fingerprint reader. It should also be considered that in the summer it is almost normal, but consequently, to use the fingerprint sensor in these moments it turns out to be unpleasant.

Doogee X5 Max - Antutu Benchmark

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Doogee X5 Max - Camera

Unfortunately, the photographic sector of the Doogee X5 Max he can not reach sufficiency.

The device is equipped with a rear camera with sensor CMOS da Interpolated mega-pixel 8s (5 real mega-pixels), focal aperture f / 1.8 and single LED flash.

The shots taken are poco sharp and characterized by a lot of background noise, in fact, this defect can be noticed even if you go to make a slight zoom. The colors are mixed and rather dull. The mode HDR he does his job well, but the quality of the photo remains always low. Speech slightly different with regard to the macro that, all in all, they are not to be completely rejected.

La focus it's a bit slow, but in the end it seems to play its work discreetly.

Il LED flash It is not very powerful and in fact the photos taken at night do not manage to benefit, so as to be even slightly moved. Without flash, however, it is virtually impossible to be able to take a decent photograph due to excessive background noise and poor image stabilization.

With regard to the front camera, we also find here a sensor from Interpolated mega-pixel 8s (Real mega-pixel 5s) with focal opening f / 2.0.

The qualitative speech is practically the same as the main camera, but here we can add that the shots in the faces are slightly wavy on the sides.

Finally, the application is completely managed by the classic stock interface of MediaTek.

Doogee X5 Max - Full HD 1080p video recording test

The videos are shot with a maximum resolution of 1080p and are saved in the now dated format 3gp.

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Doogee X5 Max - Audio

The audio of the Doogee X5 Max turns out to be enough powerful, but not very clean. In fact, it can be heard croaking when the volume is turned up to maximum. The situation, however, improves with regard to the audio in the headphones, which seems to suffer less.

Furthermore, there are also different ways tosound optimization and there is the possibility to adjust the various audio settings via theequalizer.

Sufficiency also for the telephone part where the audio, both in the earpiece and in the hands-free, has proven itself defined ed high. The microphone it works well and there have been no problems with receiving the item from our interlocutor.

Finally, on board the device there is also the FM radio.

Doogee X5 Max - Connectivity

Il Doogee X5 Max supports dual SIM and inside there are, in fact, two slots dedicated to a micro SIM and a nano SIM, so as not to necessarily have to switch it to the Micro SD.

Doogee X5 Max

Unfortunately the device is devoid of connectivity LTE 4G. We should therefore be content with navigating with a connection 3G that, all in all, it's not bad at all. In fact, during the use on the web we did not find particular problems of loading or fluidity.

However, the reception turns out to be quite good, as well as the sound quality in call.

On board we also find the modem Wi-Fi of type 802.11 b / g / n with which we have not found major problems in connecting to new networks or in linking to those already saved, if not a little slowness.

Subsequently we find the Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS and the GPS, which turns out to be fluctuating, inaccurate and poco reactive.

Doogee X5 Max - Biometric sensor

As regards the biometric sensor, it is necessary to treat the topic thoroughly because it is a little cross and delight of this device.

Doogee X5 Max

Indeed, in general the fingerprint reader implemented on the Doogee X5 Max è very valid for its price range, but it can sometimes happen that the smartphone does not unlock. This happens in situations of prolonged stand-by or in situations in which the smartphone is subjected to excessive stress.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by the reactivity of the fingerprint sensor, which can store up to 5 different fingerprints and through which you can perform various operations such as: scroll through the launcher, take pictures and shoot movies, control music playback and browse photos in the gallery.

To ensure that everything works properly, you need to record your fingerprints minutely.

Doogee X5 Max

Doogee X5 Max - Software

Regarding the software version installed on board the Doogee X5 Max, we find Android 6.0 Marshmallow in version practically stock, slightly customized on a graphic level.

In addition, the manufacturer added a series of gestures with the screen off very useful, such as the Double Tap to Wake or the recognition of the letters on the display to connect to a specific application.

But a really interesting function that has been implemented concerns the Double ID, or the possibility of connecting up to a maximum of two accounts for each application within the device. It will therefore be possible to have two different accounts of Whatsapp o Facebook within the same terminal in such a way as to manage, for example, private life from work.

For the rest the device is fairly fluid although sometimes it seems to be slightly slowed down, but this defect is attributable to the touch screen, which, not being of excellent quality, is guilty of some stumbling.

Doogee X5 Max - Autonomy

So here we are at the main feature of Doogee X5 Max, Or the battery. In fact, under the plastic shell we find a removable unit well 4000 mAh, which gives one thickness and a weight important to the smartphone.

Doogee X5 Max

Although the battery has a good amperage, I personally think that autonomy is under the sufficiency, as they can be totaled on average about 4 hours of active screen. There were days when I did poco more than 3 hours, like (sporadic) days in which I did poco more than 5 hours of active screen.

Overall the average is quite low considering that the pawn to be paid is 9.9 millimeters thick and a weight of 168 grams. In fact, when compared to other terminals equipped with the same unit, it can be seen that most of them obtain better results and have lower measurements.

With regard to the recharge, the times are not particularly slow, because the device supports fast charging even if the supplied charger has an output at 1A. They will therefore be necessary poco less than 2 hours to fully charge the smartphone.

Doogee X5 Max - Conclusions

The moment when the price is revealed has finally arrived, because you can buy the Doogee X5 Max su Gearbest a 57.44 € or on others online shop here present at a similar figure.

You will have understood, therefore, that this smartphone belongs to a band ultra low-cost and while on some aspects we can close one eye, on others it is not possible to do so.

Let's start immediately from positives. In fact, despite some minor malfunctions, I really liked the fingerprint reader, cosím come il Dual ID which makes the smartphone very interesting.

With regard to the camera, I can not insert it between the positive or negative notes, as it is difficult to claim and find something better on this price range.

What has disappointed me is undoubtedly the touch screen, which has put a strain on my patience during all the days of testing, often slowing down basic actions such as writing a message or browsing the web.

In fact, sometimes, even with a slight touch while reading, the smartphone detects an upward swipe, moving accordingly to your liking.

The other weak point of the Doogee X5 Max and the battery, because although you expect excellent autonomy, the results are very different and with medium-intense use you get to the wool thread at the end of the day. If, on the other hand, you do not use your smartphone excessively, then it will also be possible to do 1 day and a half, but no more.

We therefore recommend the purchase for those looking for a second phone to keep in stand-by and to be used in an emergency or perhaps for anyone looking for a device to use at work that can separate private life from work.