Xiaomi Mi Max, the review of GizChina.it

Xiaomi Mi Max

Password? Big, huge, "pan", you choose the one you like best and place it next to it Xiaomi Mi Max, the protagonist of ours review today.

The new phablet of Xiaomi, in fact, as we have already seen in part in our first flash preview on the device, it has a diagonal screen of well 6.44 inches, certainly interesting aspect to see content on the move on a very large screen: but how much this aspect will be penalizing? Find out in our article!

Xiaomi Mi Max

The Xiaomi Mi Max can be purchased on the Italian store TopResellerStore a 299 €.

Xiaomi Mi Max, the complete review of GizChina.it

Xiaomi Mi Max - Sales package


As usual Xiaomi on this front never changes, and even in this device, leaving out the design of the sales box that is slightly different from usual, we find the necessary:

  • Xiaomi Mi Max;
  • wall charger with Chinese plug, USB input and 2A output;
  • USB data cable - micro USB;
  • SIM removal pin;
  • instruction manuals in Chinese.

Xiaomi Mi Max - Design and materials

Xiaomi Mi Max

On the constructive and design work, once again, Xiaomi did not make a single mistake: everything is in the right place, the used materials are first quality el 'assembly è excellent.

The Xiaomi Mi Max is characterized by one unibody aluminum body with slight curved edges along the perimeter frame, useful to ensure a better grip even if, given the dimensions a lot poco contained, the goal is not quite successful.

The Mi Max is great 173.1 x 88.3 x 7.5 mm and weighs poco more than 200 gramsIn short, it is big and, logically, also quite heavy. Ergonomics and ease of use of zero, impossible to use with one hand and even gestures that reduce the screen are particularly helpful.

Furthermore, the rear aluminum is slightly slippery and, to make matters worse, this makes the comfort-related aspect even worse; in short, Xiaomi Mi Max is built well, the materials are excellent, but the dimensions are impractical and, to my personal opinion, it is very difficult to carry it around.

However, by analyzing the device more closely, let's see the arrangement of the available buttons and inputs.

Xiaomi Mi Max

Starting from the right side, Xiaomi Mi Max comes with the rocker for volume adjustment as well as the power button.

Xiaomi Mi Max

The left side, then, houses the car useful to insert the two SIM cards or a SIM and one micro SD.

Xiaomi Mi Max

At the bottom, instead, Xiaomi inserted the microphone, the speaker grill and the micro USB connector for charging.

Xiaomi Mi Max

At the top we find the 3.5mm jack for headphones, followed by the infrared port and from the second microphone for the suppression of environmental noise.

Xiaomi Mi Max

Furthermore, along the rear part there is a biometric sensor circular in shape: its accuracy is more than good, but given the size of the smartphone it is difficult to use it in this position. Those with small hands, unfortunately, must abandon the idea of ​​using this impressive Xiaomi Mi Max.

Xiaomi Mi Max - Display

Xiaomi Mi Max

Equipped with a very large panel from ben 6.44 inches diagonal, with resolution Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels, the Xiaomi Mi Max does not logically have a very high pixel density, which stops at only PPI 342 on an array display IPS.

In everyday use the display has some very good colors; there are also the usual settings related to the color calibration in the display settings menu.

It must be said instead that the viewing angles are not excellent and even when you look at the profile display you often encounter some difficulties. There maximum brightness, then, it is discreet, but not excellent and under the strong light of the sun would have served an extra gear.

Xiaomi Mi Max - Hardware and performance

Available both as a "Pro" variant and as a basic version (the one we own), the Xiaomi Mi Max has a respectful hardware, but not top of the range. The Xiaomi phablet, in fact, is equipped with a processor exa-core Snapdragon 650 structured with 2 core Cortex-A72 a 1.8 GHz and 4 Cortex-A53 cores to 1.4GHz, as well as 3 GB of RAM LPDDR3 to 933 MHz (which switch to 4 GB in the Pro variant) and a GPU Adreno 510 to 550 MHz.

In the use of every day the Xiaomi Mi Max showed some small decline in performance, even if everything could still be caused by the slightly bitter ROM it is equipped with (considering that, natively, it should have the MIUI 8 which, however, is not yet present).

However, the overall performance is acceptable, although it is often the loading times of some applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and some others are very long and, when you close the apps in a definitive way from the task manager, their reboot happens to get into some crashes of the same.

Xiaomi Mi Max

In the remaining tests, however, the Xiaomi Mi Max came out head-on by practically all the tests carried out; starting from sample video, Mi Max can play all types of movies in both MKV and MP4 up to the maximum resolution of 4K.

The performances in the gaming sector they are more than good: the device responds well to maximum details on Asphalt 8 which obtains a high and constant frame rate. Good behavior of the Snapdragon 650 also as a temperature, which always remain very low and there are no sudden increases in heat.

Speaking of web browsing, using the stock browser implemented in the ROM Stable the performances are not very good, which is why the advice is to use Google Chrome, at least until the release of the new MIUI 8 that will be ad hoc for this device.

Next, instead, find the results obtained in the benchmarking testing the hardware of the Xiaomi Mi Max.

Xiaomi Mi Max - Antutu Benchmark

Xiaomi Mi Max - Audio

Located in a strategic position, the Xiaomi Mi Max speaker is a good unit; able to reproduce a sound to a quite high volume, the speaker supplied with this smartphone also has one good equalization, which is why the vote in the report, for him, is certainly much higher than sufficiency.

Xiaomi Mi Max - Connectivity

The aspect that struck me most in this smartphone is undoubtedly this related to connectivity; equipped with a double SIM slot, Xiaomi Mi Max owns one reception above average and a maximum range of Wi-Fi signal significantly higher than other recently tested smartphones (e.g. manages to connect to a hotspot about 100 meters away, while other smartphones stop at poco more than 50-60 meters).

Xiaomi Mi Max - Camera

Xiaomi Mi Max

Equipped with a CMOS sensor from 16 mega-pixels and one by 5 mega-pixels in the front, the Xiaomi Mi Max on the photographic sector, a bit like all the other devices of this company, can not excel, even if overall the results are not poor.

In the use of every day the smartphone makes some rather definite photographs but with gods colors are not always very real; the shades in evidence are yellow and green, colors that stand out a lot in the photographs that are very warm and poco realistic.

However, in these cases the Xiaomi Camera application comes in handy which, as usual, is very well made and full of options for the manual shooting, with the consequent possibility to modify parameters such as ISO, white balance and so on.

Xiaomi Mi Max - FullHD 1080p video recording test

Xiaomi Mi Max - Software

Based on Android 6 Marhsmallow, MIUI 7 that we find on the Xiaomi Mi Max is not the ROM that, in reality, should be default on the device which, according to the Chinese manufacturer, would have been marketed with the MIUI version 8. However, the performance, as usual, they are very good although the Xiaomi interface is very expensive in RAM, so the 3 GB of our version have almost always been saturated with stressful use.

Furthermore, it is not present Italian language and Play Store; while at the moment, at the moment, there seems to be no solution, for the Play Store just a simple APK to solve the problem.

Xiaomi Mi Max - Autonomy

The aspect that ranks first in this smartphone is autonomy; the Chinese company has equipped Xiaomi Mi Max with a battery from ben 4850 mAh, which in everyday use translate into approx 7 half hour abundant of active screen and, with more mild use, up to two days of autonomy almost always under the mobile data network.

Xiaomi Mi Max - Photo Gallery

Xiaomi Mi Max - Final considerations

In conclusion, the Xiaomi Mi Max is certainly a very interesting product for the nice design, L 'excellent autonomy, the very large screen and so on. But the main question is only one: how many of you are willing to carry in your pocket or bag a smartphone almost as big as a tablet?

Lo Xiaomi Mi Max it can be purchased on the Italian store TopResellerStore a 315 €.