UMi Super: here is the speed of the rear camera

UMi Super camera

L'UMi Super is the latest top of the range offered by UMi, a Chinese start-up that ultimately wants to conquer all smartphone lovers by proposing quite good products.

The UMi Super is definitely one of these since it comes with attractive technical features that include a display from 5.5 inches produced by Sharp, the octa-core processor MediaTek Helio P10, a RAM memory from 4 GB registered Samsung, a battery Sony da 4000 mAh with fast charging technology MediaTek Pump Express Plus, a rear camera from 13 mega-pixels with Panasonic sensor and a fingerprint reader located below.

UMi Super: here are the first tests performed on the rear camera

With its elegant and refined design characterized by a unibody metal body, theUMi Super It is available already in pre-order at several stores at a price that is around the 200 €. One of the biggest features offered by the UMi device is the really fast rear camera with Panasonic sensor, model MN34172.

UMi Super camera

This sensor is not widely used on smartphones, but today we will take a closer look thanks to a film posted by the company on YouTube. By taking a look at the video, you are impressed by the speed of automatic fire setting offered by the rear camera of the UM Super.

UMi Super camera

In fact, autofocus is quite fast and promising since you can see it in the video. It will be possible to start the camera without unlocking theUMi Super and take a couple of photos in the blink of an eye. In fact, the camera takes photos and saves them in the gallery in a few quick operations.

This speed is also due to the chipset Helio P10 and to the memory that UMi has chosen for its latest flagship. You can use the fast succession mode to shoot up to 99 foto so as to capture every moment of your life.

The device, we remind you, is available at pre-order on TopResellerStore at the price of 225 €.

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