OUKI P7: 4000 mAh battery and dedicated audio chip


OUKI (NB company different from Oukitel) has introduced in China several devices with integrated high capacity batteries, includingOUKI P6 which includes a unit from ben 10.000 mAh.

The company has decided to announce a new smartphone called OUKI P7 which, in addition to carrying a high capacity battery, includes a dedicated audio chip to provide better sound quality.

The terminal uses particular called speakers BOX2010 and a tagged audio chip Yamaha , well known on the market to bring the quality of sound to a very high level. OUKI claims that theOUKI P7 it will allow you to enjoy deep bass and very loud treble in order to offer a high level audio experience.


OUKI P7: here is a new smartphone very thin!

L'OUKI P7 will come with a built-in battery well 4000 mAh that should offer a discrete autonomy, thanks to the resolution HD 1280 × 720 display pixels from 5 inches of diagonal. As for the design, despite having a battery with this capacity, theOUKI P7 will be available with dimensions of 140x68x7mm.

If this information turns out to be true, then the company's smartphone will be one of the best models in circulation to have such a thin thickness with such a large battery inside. In addition to all the features just mentioned, the P7 will boast a truly elegant design with a double glass design (front and rear).


Other known technical specifications include a quad-core processor of MediaTek (presumably theMT6735 from 1.3 GHz), 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal memory, a main camera from 13 mega-pixels, a front from 5 mega-pixels and operating system Yunos.

OUKI he said he wanted to launch his new one OUKI P7 at a price of 1.199 yuan (approximately EUR 162 at the current exchange rate) on the Chinese market.

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